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Burning Blade, Lightning's Blade, and Onyxia
Howdy friends.
I definitely recognize some names here, though the last time I was really on the forums was back in like 06 before the big makeover.
I subbed for a month, doubt ill be around longer than that but its nice to play a little here and there. You still around Borbei?
I see Borbei's name on my list sometimes so he's around. Haven't talked to him but it's still nice to see old names returned.
08/28/2018 11:34 AMPosted by Vixie
old names

You being the oldest :P
Who remembers the free server transfer to SPIRESTONE?
Blast from the past.

Can we get Satanic in here?
Sup everyone. Literally sub'd just so I can say hello. I have a discord where we can all hang out at and reminiscence about the good ol days and maybe we can all play classic if its good. I'm Flosstradamus on the discord

Bgrade checking in! Been on BB since the beginning
Welp. Just gonna post here. - Sabenn(Pally)/Carlak(Priest). From Excelsis/Mostly Harmless/Absolution

Hi guys.

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