913 Fury Warrior LF Raiding Guild

913 Fury warrior looking for 9pm (server) - 12am (server) - or times close to that any night of the week.

Looking for guilds that would like to progress in mythic at some point.
My guild <Twenty Kings> is looking to add more people to our core group to progress into mythic. Our core is 8/9 Heroic and our lead is 9/9 Heroic. We raid Sunday and Monday from 10pm-1am server. You can check out our recruitment post https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759075861?page=1#post-2 or message me on bnet: Murron#1949
Hey Radya Currently On Cooldown is recruiting a healer and DPS for starting argues content next week! We raid Tue Wed Thur 9PM Server to 11PM server.

[H][Illidan]<Formal> is looking to recruit for Mythic Progression.


Willing to help gear players for Mythic

Currently seeking DPS in order to dive right into mythic.
*All Exceptional Players Will Be Considered Regardless of Class/Spec!*

Raids times are Tues / Wed / Thurs w/ Monday Flex : 7:30pm - 11pm Server time. (CST)

Previous experience is preferred.
Logs would be appreciated as well.

Add any of the Officers if interested
Guild Master - Chance#12730
Raid Lead - Xiontik#1106
Healing Officer - Jackson#1138
DPS Officer - sdonohue827#1218

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