New Healing Rain is too hard to see

We already had enough trouble with no one standing in it, now its even harder to see amidst the chaos of battle. I am glad we have a new animation that makes it look modern and snazzy, and would love to keep it, but any chance of getting the transparency turned down a few notches so it glows as brightly as before?
Even I sometimes lose it, and I am the one that placed it.

Other animations are all fantastic though. I especially love the heals having a projectile of sorts. This seems like a fairly simple fix for a change that is otherwise all great.
I just made a post with the same complaint. I don't mind how the new effect looks, but it's not bright enough for people to notice it.
Maybe we'll get lucky and people will stop moving out of it if they can't see it.
08/29/2017 01:09 PMPosted by Laara
Maybe we'll get lucky and people will stop moving out of it if they can't see it.

Every time...

*casts HR* *tank moves out for no reason*
Man, I had the same immediate observation about the new HR. The old graphic looked old and unpolished, sure, but at least it was bright and (arguably) easy to see, if not attractive.

New one looks nice, but damn; if we have to sacrifice function for aesthetic, then I don't really consider it an upgrade. I do like that the actual rain* drops are easier to see, but in the middle of combat, esp during raids where you have a ton of spell effects going on at once, it's still not enough to make the graphic noticeable.

At least druids' Efflorescence has some ornate rune-work that glows brightly to outline the spell and make it more visible. Something like that would be an okay workaround for HR, imo.

*EDIT: spelling.
Well doing my mythic farm tonight and one thing has became super clear (hint it's not Healing Rain):

Can barely barely see HR on Goroth, Demonic Inquisition
I's kinda okish on Harjatan, surprisingly ok on Sisters but like :/

And of course I can't WAIT to see it on Mistress ;_;
It's basically invisible when you cast it in the middle of the KJ platform.

I am seeing 20% or more less healing tonight from HR.
Yep, new HR is horrid. Kinda cool looking... when you can see it, which is whenever its not needed. Before 7.3, people where at least trying to be inside of it when they noticed it.

This is just making the life of resto shamans more difficult. :/
08/29/2017 01:47 PMPosted by Matlinn
08/29/2017 01:09 PMPosted by Laara
Maybe we'll get lucky and people will stop moving out of it if they can't see it.

Every time...

*casts HR* *tank moves out for no reason*

Literally, though.
Everyone had a good laugh when I cast healing rain before raid last night. They kept asking me where I was casting it. It's bad enough when nothing is going on but as soon as things start happening in the fight the visual gets lost. How did this change make it past the ptr? I felt sympathy for my fellow druid when I saw his magic mushroom changed in the previous patch, but now it looks bright compared to healing rain. Please blizzard fix this. I truly wish Gift of the Queen had a bit of a visual as well.
I like how the healing rain looks like a puddle with the ripple effect but lets up the darkness of the blue. you can barely see it
Seriously an issue on some fights. Also I've noticed I'm having a lot more trouble remember to keep it down. Especially on mistress, it's !@#$ing invisible. In the 10 years I've played wow I think this is the only change I've bothered to come to the forums about. It's some serious bull%^-*.
Agreed. TBH all the new animations are really not doing it for me. I hate the new chain heal and HR is way too hard to see. Pleeeease address this. It's okay to admit when you've made a mistake, blizz.
Yeah it may as well be invisible. I'm super happy with 7.3 over all but the new shaman animations suck.
Just make HR a darker blue color (while doing the same to all our water based spells/elemental mount) and I'll be happier. See that shaman color near my profile? That's the kind of blue I'm talking about.
Could not agree more.. they REALLY need to be more blue. Way too hard to see.
Frost Mages get a new Blizzard graphic. It places a rune on the ground, that is bright and highly visible, but more than that it also has a ripple effect much like the one of Healing Rain, only it's also much brighter and more visible. That's just the extra effect on top of the rune and ice bolts, and that is a DPS ability that players almost never need to see the location of.

Healing Rain is a heal that people are encouraged to stand in, and knowing exactly where it ends and where it is, tends to be important information in most environments. It's not even remotely uncommon for some bad to appear where healing rain is, but still have enough room for people to straddler the edge while avoiding the bad, however the graphic is not nearly sharp enough for this currently. Especially once we get the new tier bonus that causes Healing Surge/Wave to heal people who are standing in it, which will make it important for the us to need to know how many bodies are gathered within the Healing Rain.
It needs to look similar to the Restoration Druid Efflorescence with a pattern/design that glows on the ground. I'm not sure why the devs didn't have the foresight to implement this a long time ago. Even the Mage Blizzard spell has it.
It easily needs something outlining the effect like Efflorescence has. Way too hard for other people to see and know to stand in.
Chiming in to second this. New graphic is darn near invisible, even on color contrasting backgrounds. It's seriously, seriously frustrating. I don't love the chain heal graphic either, but it at least doesn't actively hurt my healing.

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