Argus terrain is confusing

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08/30/2017 02:02 PMPosted by Jpworgan
08/30/2017 11:34 AMPosted by Rixlee

It more than a bit of exploring. Having been there once doesn't help much. What they seem to expect is that we use our time to sit down and learn their little maze. Not what I want to be doing.

In the game *world* of Warcraft, there is in fact a world to explore and immerse yourself in. This isn't "flat empty plane of Warcraft"

But they are making it into the "Tedious Maze of Warcraft".
08/30/2017 01:58 PMPosted by Rixlee
So if _some_ like it, is the best solution to force everyone into it?

In the end Anderan is right. It like the other grinds. This sort of thing make you spend time without Blizzard having to have actual content.

You say things like this, sounding like you started playing an mmorpg like yesterday.

Don't you know how it all works by now? Don't you know that we play this game the way it was built? Don't you know by now that no amount of complaints about your inability to negotiate the terrain on ground mounts will change the artwork and environment?

Why are you even playing a game with a terrain? Go play Pac-man.


And if we don't say something, they will just keep increasing how much time we waste just figuring out their maze. It will be come one of those games where you do nothing but figure out how to get places and what to click on to get something to work.

08/30/2017 05:55 PMPosted by Jazidan
If you want to go, let's say north, then head east or west until you find a north-ish opening. Most routes are spiral-ish.

Except with the dead-ends, you keep having to backtrack (fun!).

08/30/2017 06:34 PMPosted by Kuranna
Someone will, the rest of us will just look it up on WoWhead or whatever and go straight there. The idea of "puzzles" is so silly.

Ah, the fun of having to stop what your are doing, hope nothing happens while you are away, and look up stuff that Blizzard couldn't be bothered to help you with.
08/31/2017 11:32 AMPosted by Rixlee
But they are making it into the "Tedious Maze of Warcraft".

Argus is literally a shattered world that is in the process of being torn apart, it's also the home BASE of the legion.

Do you really think that you can just wander onto a new planet and not be inundated with hostiles? And you're not going to get straight lines and rolling hills in a shattered and corrupted planet.

Seriously, most of the time I wonder if players want a big shiny red button that they press for everything when I come across these kinds of complaints. "too much effort", "can't afk everything" "can't avoid playing" etc.
Nothing worse than running with a pack of mobs chasing you, then suddenly run into a dead end.
Hey what you and I call stupid world design with a closed in feeling of claustrophobia. They call top notch game design while their fans will say we are not smart enough or good enough to kill the mobs fast.
I'll try it a few more weeks, but this is even a worse design than the Broken Shore.
08/30/2017 09:53 AMPosted by Glaivedancer
It's a shattered planet inhabited by the Legion, did you expect rolling hills, lush terrain, babbling brooks and hundreds of Gnomes parading around?

It's not that confusing.

You mean like the original Outland? It's a broken planet that had a open design. But he is talking of the design of the paths and mountains. The stupid bridges with 500 mobs everywhere. I guess it is time to get on my rogue, make him my main and skip all this foolishness.

Such a shame I will be missing out on all the, "immersive exploration and repetitive npcs".
08/30/2017 07:17 PMPosted by Confuzzle
You all need to open your map. There is nothing difficult about any of this if you pay even the slightest attention to where you're going.

Sweet. Show me on the map where I don't have to pull tons of mobs on the bridges. Buy some gliders? Play a rogue?
08/30/2017 09:47 AMPosted by Swampduck
it really sucks that its a maze with 100s of mobs randomly everywhere.
I've had 0 issues getting around argus I'm really enjoying the planet, not sure why the forums can never have fun :P
08/30/2017 10:22 AMPosted by Shippujinlai

Once you are familiar with the layout of the terrain, the pathways the mob locations and the nooks and crannies navigation becomes a lot easier.

08/30/2017 10:23 AMPosted by Inji
seriously, the zone is a multi tiered trap. it took me forever to get to puscilla last night. and not only that, the mobs are everywhere. they took forever to kill and the spawn rate is on steroid. last but not least, the whistle thingie. it's not working on argus. AHH!!

Yep when you go exploring it is really fun!
08/30/2017 11:09 AMPosted by Caliyaracy
I'm not a big fan of this place either. Out buying some more goblin gliders

LOL why I am glad too be a engineer on this my main toon....Glider built into my cloak....and all my other toons have goblin gliders in their bags made by me.
Use the map and zoom in. You can see clearly where to go
08/30/2017 02:27 PMPosted by Vixie

Remember when this game didn't have map markers for quest objectives and NPCs marked? Remember wandering around for days and finally having to look it up on thottbot or whine to anyone who would listen? Remember running on foot or getting dismounted when you ran into a puddle?

People complaining about Argus mapping have no idea.

I kinda enjoyed doing some research on thottbot, for completing long chain quest...

Yep, map are way more useful now.
How are people getting lost, we literally have a map.

Something not on the same level as you? Find a path up or down in the same location.
It's your first time exploring a desecrated planet of mountain dew and angry things, of course you're going to get lost. Once you spend a week running around you should know every nook and cranny.
For the mobs chasing you, you get FREE 5 mil damage nuke on a 2 minute CD and there are other buffs and items that allow you to run around without getting dismounted.
They put demons on the demon stronghold planet f this game

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