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Looking for Mythic NightHold Group for weekly runs.
Have tried to pug this a few times since my guild stopped running it and even when people overgear it by 20-30 ilevels it's basically impossible to pug.

The only way you're going to make a pug work is if you essentially form a pseudo-guild because for anything past the first 3 you're going to need some serious coordination and practice to even stand a chance.

Even a cakewalk boss like Krosus is too hard for most pugs because half the raid won't soak or don't soak correctly ... and that's when they're not being one shot by the beam.
unless everyone has the achievement for this place it's literally impossible especially without voice. Good luck on fights that require coordination like aluriel or botanist.
Yep I agree, my guild stoped running them as well. That's why I posted this. I'm hoping that somewhere out there there is a guild or group that knows what they are doing and run it weekly. I pug it every week and get 4 maybe 5 bosses down. But I need to push further for the gear I need.

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