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I've noticed since 7.3 that loot in low level dungeons has been pretty wonky. For example, quest items are no longer lootable by everyone from one mob, ex. when you loot a head from a boss required for a quest. Only 1, maybe 2 people will be able to loot the head and no one else.

I and other people in my group experienced this in Wailing Caverns with the Deviate Hides quest. By the time we cleared the entire dungeon I had 9 Hides and the tank only had 5, leaving us both unable to finish the quest. Usually the quest can be completed before you even finish one wing of the dungeon.

Loot also appears to be switching between need>greed and personal, where sometimes people will loot an item off bosses without anyone else in the group even being able to loot a grey item or copper and sometimes bosses will have you roll on the loot. Very strange.

I'm pretty sure this isn't intended but I can't be sure.

Saw some other people on r/wow and a multi-boxing server posting about having this problem as well. They even mentioned they disabled all their addons, deleted WTF, ect. and it didn't help.
I've ran both wings of Scarlet Monastery and Uldaman since the patch, and my isssue is that mobs that used to drop loot every time, even if it was just greys or copper/silve sometimes just drop nothing. At first I thought it was just a chance thing but after a few runs of SM sometimes no loot would just drop from mobs. randomly to point out, the next time maybe it did drop loot again.

This is a bigger deal for Uldaman as if someone mobs just randomly don't drop loot, it's even harder to get the stupid rare stuff from there.
I've been running some classic dungeons for tmog gear, and I've notice that loot is messed up. For the most part, I'm not getting cash from trash mobs, only stuff. (I know it's not much in comparison to 110 stuff, but still probably broken.)

Also, I ran normal Deadmines 4 times yesterday, and got exactly the same thing from each boss all 4 times. I'm sure it's theoretically possible for my luck to be that way, but when I went back this morning, I got a 5th set of the same loot.
When running through a low-level dungeon, I did notice that some mobs were dropping nothing, but didn't think much of it.

When running a new toon through Wailing Caverns, I ran into the same Deviate Hide problem. All five members of a group should be able to get 10 Deviate Hides in one run, but this is no longer happening.
I can confirm the Deviate Hide problem. I have ran Wailing Caverns dozens of times since Cata and never once even got halfway through the dungeon without getting the requisite number of hides. Ran it on this Shaman and a Druid over the weekend and could barely get 8.
Just ran Deadmines. Most trash mobs aren't dropping anything.
Juat ran depths and can confirm its not how it should be something is wrong
My level 20 rogue ran the Deadmines and I noticed the same thing. None of the mobs dropped any coin, only half of them had loot of any kind. Glubtok dropped nothing at all.

My husband did the same on his level 20 priest and had the exact same results. Same with the Stockade.

He submitted a ticket and the GM instructed him to "reset the instance" and try again or do another one for better gear. Also, that if it continued to submit a bug report.
The old raids was one of the few things keeping me here because the new content (class/spec BS/Legendaries) just isn't doing anything for me. (besides being irritated)
I ran normal deadmines on my level 85 hunter this morning and it seems to be back to normal? Mobs were dropping coin and cloth once again. The only thing was that Glubtok is still not dropping any loot. Maybe he ran out of Gold Flecked Gloves.
I ran WC yesterday on my lowbie after the maintenance and I still wasn't getting enough hides for the quest. Also loot for Shadowfang Keep was still messed up for me. There are still dungeons that are defaulted to Need>Greed and some that are defaulted to Personal..
Seems this garbage is still going on today - I've run Deadmines on my 110 Monk several times in an attempt to fill out missing items from my transmog cabinet there and despite several runs of the place.... the bosses aren't dropping any loot.

I've gotten 1 lavishly jeweled ring through 3 runs. This is ridiculous because I KNOW there's leather pants and shirt in there. Dungeon guide says so. I've gotten that Emberstone Staff on all of my casters since Vanilla, and now I don't have the Appearance.... and I can't get the stupid thing to drop.

I've submitted suggestion (Twice, one in outrage the other in bewilderment), I've submitted bug. (Simply because this is so friggin' goofy and ridiculous to take a 100% chance to drop and turn it into this ghastly game of "You can't have loot, neener neener").

Those who've been playing through Vanilla, BC, Wrath and beyond know full well that we had to endure a loot nerf once. There was a point I could farm Embersilk from monsters outside of Bastion of Twilight, or Frostweave from just normal spaz monsters everywhere (Irrelevant to boss loot not being obtainable, but an example anyhow) -- But those days are gone! Fine! Good!

But for criminy's sake, it's rare enough that I can pull myself from current content to do this sort of thing (Grind xmogs in old world) But you can't compound the issue by making the possibility that the whole thing will turn out to be a huge gigantic waste of time AS WELL AS A GUESSING GAME AS TO WHAT WILL OR WON'T DROP FOR YOUR PARTICULAR CHARACTER.

I don't come on the forum to complain or debate often. This is like my sixth post. I take my complaints to trade, where I can register it to eyes that really won't read it because my complaints aren't really worth anything.

But this... THIS. -THIS-. This is killing my experience. I have never felt so unmotivated to go out and "Try my luck". It'd be different if they gave me items I couldn't use for transmog, then I could sell them. But it's so unsatisfying to kill a boss and get -NOTHING-. NOTHING. *Pulls hair out in anguish*

... *Drops to knees*...

.... NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

Fix this. PLEASE. I found this topic from Google. I threw a half-wall of text here. Now I'm gonna leave. I don't even know what forum this is on. I just hope Blizzard finds the reason for this and resolves it.
That was a lot of effort spent to try to convince Blizzard to do something they already said they are addressing.

What is really retarded about this whole thing...and I only read the first page, so I'm sure what I'm about to say was covered...

Why the hell am I waiting till Sept 2018 for you to fix this? That is plain BS. I just started playing again, and I was like, hey lets go in there and start farming the purple judgement stuff for my paly. NOPE. Did a couple of runs on normal and heroic, and was like wtf. Only the last boss is dropping anything, and what I need doesn't come from the last boss in say one of the dungeons. Honestly, you guys are pretty solid most times but this is plain dumb, and we have wait till Sept for a fix? I noticed this when I ran through a raid one day, I was like why isn't stuff dropping. Odd, didn't think anything of it, till I went transmog hunting.

Fix needs to be now, not later, like your doing us all some favor, you f ' d this up with the patch. Needs to be handled now, I dont know if Ill even be playing when the next expansion comes out. So yea, fix now.

And to anyone who wants to pop off and say something, or be a fan boy, I dont want to hear it. I dont care about anyone's else's opinions on this. I care about what I pay for, and to me, I'm getting jipped here.

Awaiting the fix, this month. GO blizzard, make it happen.
Sorry for the bump, but this is still happening. Working on Lucid Nightmare, figured I'd kill some Gnomer bosses for drops I've gotten a million times before tmog, but Viscous Fallout just dropped nothing.

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