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< Me so Hordey >
< Phat and Furious > panda guild
I like mine.

<Stratholme HOA>
Always remember one from Cairne years ago called the 'carebear cuddle crew'.

Rip Terry Pratchett. Always wanted a character called 71hour Achmed.
One time I saw a guild named <Loot the Dogs>. An old Molten Core reference.
<Naga Stole My Bike>
08/17/2017 05:09 PMPosted by Sanngrior
"Thunder Bluff Steakhouse"

I use to be a guild master of Thunder Bluff Steakhouse but it was a long time ago on a different realm.... and... I only used it for storage. Didn't have any members.
Back in the day on my server we had an Undead guild named <Shady Pancake Dealer> that I loved.

And a bit cliched, but I enjoyed <STIMPACKS TSSSH AWWW YEAH>
I used to be in an all druid guild called "The Zoo"

I've seen
"it hurts when I pvp"
"nine inches unbuffed" (or something like that)
Buddy of mine got flagged really quickly back in BC for <Naga from the Slave Pens>
I once saw <Ketchup and Tauren is dinner>
Oh, also

<I don't think so Tim>

As a 90s kid, I found that one amusing.
"susan express fan club"
<Battlelord> but it was only funny because they were named
Battlelord Battlelord

but i've seen similar a few times.
Order of Fries
Our sister guild was Wrong Hole Fool

That was flagged pretty quick. Then they became No But My Sister Will.

Seriously Hates Gnomes
lose wieght, ask me how
teachers on strike
I want my next guild to be called "Chocolate Wasted".

All official members must take a picture of themselves eating chocolate cake and send it to me. Bonus points if it is smeared on their face.
I remember questing in Swamp of Sorrows a long time ago and seeing some guy in the guild "Penguins at the Disco". In AV you'd see lots of good ones. I remember "Attorney At Law" "Handicapped Heroes" of course "Naga Stole My Bike". I was questing in some low level alt, killing the lvl 11 or so thunder lizards in Durotar, one dropped a grey item called squashed rabbit carcass, so I made a guild named after that for alts. :P
On Aerie Peak we have a defunct guild <This Space for Rent>
I snickered at:

<Kiss our Darnassus>
<from Accounting>
<Sorry babe Im on CD>

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