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Ghostlands and Kael'thas
This is an alt. Alts are for when you get bored on your main. I'm bored. In fact, I've got 4 alts that I geared up to ~900 (pre-Argus) without ever stepping foot in a raid (besides LFR) or mythic keystone dungeon, so you could say I've been pretty bored for awhile.

About Me

My main is a mage named Omegazor from Ghostlands, although Omegazor on Kael'thas is mine as well, 'cept he's horde. I returned to WoW about a year ago after being away many years. My son went off to his first year in college and I found that I had some time to kill and thought I might just pop into WoW just to see how it's changed over the years. Had no intention of staying, or even liking it.
Turned out I loved it and I've been here ever since.

Back in Wrath I had a heck of time trying to find groups, so I decided to tank on my paladin, which got me into a lot of groups. A LOT OF GROUPS. The trouble was, once you slide into that role it's hard to get out. I never got a chance to do much on any of my other toons, so when I came back a year ago I decided to just play one character, my favorite character, my mage Omegazor.

Omega has had a great time in Legion where he's met and played with a ton of great people. However, as is often the case in WoW, when you hook up with a group of people who's method of operation and ambitions aren't quite aligned, eventually there is a parting of ways. Omega wasn't really raid ready until just before Nighthold, which I raided up to 8/10H with a guild comprised of friendly but serious folks where I found myself consistently on bottom in terms of DPS, and quite frankly never felt comfortable as I always worried I was holding them back.

When my son came home for Spring Break I missed 2 weeks of raiding, and when he went back I just didn't feel like going back to all that pressure. Instead I joined a different guild that was 3/10H, and in this guild I found myself consistently in the top for DPS, and my second week with them they went from 3/10H to 7/10H. This group was a lot more laid back where fun was a priority over progression. Kinda, sorta. When it came to downing Gul'dan a string of unfortunate events befell the group and tensions got high when we struggled week after week. It uncovered the differences in ambition and approach that had lingered just below the surface the entire time.

We eventually got Gul'dan down, technically ahead of the curve, but far behind the curve of active raiding guilds. The fissures Gul'dan opened in our group couldn't be healed and the threat of Kil'jaeden proved too heavy a burden to bear. Opening week of ToS there were but a handful left, and with several in the group being vehemently against pugging for progression, Omega set off in search of a new home.

A splinter cell of players who fled that last guild formed a new one, and for awhile it held promise, but not much every materialized and it wasn't long before they too fell to the relentless onslaught of Legion. Omega went from 10/10H Nighthold to his current record of 1/9N 0/10H ToS.
Raiding Guilds

The point of a raiding guild is to raid. If you're not downing bosses then your aren't really raiding. So to some extent even the most casual of raiding guilds is progression focused, and rightfully so. On my main, I would like to find a group of players who are serious enough to put in the time to be as ready as possible come raid night, but casual enough to have a good time raiding. As I said above, I've geared several alts to 900 without ever setting foot in a raid or mythic keystone, so there's really no reason that someone's main that they intend to raid with couldn't do the same.

A raiding guild also isn't raiding if people aren't there to raid, so they set a couple times a week aside as raid time and everyone in the raid is expected to be there on those days at those times. Attendance is critical and commitment is key, which can really put you in a tough spot having to make difficult choices between real life events and a video game.

(funny side note: A few months back when I found myself without a guild to raid ToS I wrote a really long post in the main guild recruitment forum spelling out exactly the type of guild I was looking for... serious but fun yadda, yadda, yadda. I got a surprisingly large response and of all the guilds there were interested one seemed to be a perfect fit. I messaged that dude and he hit me back saying come raid with them on the next raid night and if it all works out would I be able to transfer. I tell him if we gel I can totally transfer right away, but that next raid night I'm actually going out of town on vacation with my wife. I said I know it looks weird not being available the very first night, but I'm actually very dependable and never missed a raid night in all of Nighthold.

Get this... he replies, "If spending time with your family is more important than raiding then I certainly understand that."

If? I said some more stuff to him to sort of feel him out because that really bugged me and I wanted to give him a chance to say something like... dude, it's totally cool, have a great time on vacation and we'll see ya when ya get back. 'Cept he didn't say that, he just reiterated that if spending time with my family was more important then he understood. I mean who is going to choose raiding over going on vacation with their wife!?

Finally, a raiding guild is all about doing what's best for the team, which as we all know different people have different perspectives on what's best for the team.

What We Are (not a raiding guild)

We're a guild that raids that isn't really even a guild. The main intention is to be a gaggle of alts that are just bored and want to hang out and have some fun but also maybe kill a few raid bosses without any drama what so ever... yet all without dragging any scrubs. By scrub I mean your fresh 110 in 780 gear looking to get carried through a few raids. In fact, there will be a very defined line you have to meet for each raid before you can come along.

This cutoff line doesn't mean we aren't actually chill, the cutoff line is so that we can be totally chill. That cutoff line will be at or around the item level of gear the raid drops. You'll still have plenty of chances at upgrades, especially since there'll be plenty of loot that people won't need to pass around.
Think of us as a side chick with low self-esteem, or side dude if that's more your style. We're where you go when you get bored and just wanna have some fun on whatever character you feel like having fun on at that moment.

How It Works

No matter what realm you are on, connected or not, you join the guild with 1 toon, any toon, any level, any class. This toon is strictly for communication purposes so you'll be able to see the calendar and I'll be able to email you in game with any pertinent events. You might create a level 1 character and never play it, or you might join the guild with your level capped main you play 5 hours a day. The main purpose of the actual guild is merely a fallback HQ in case something happens to our actual base of operations, an external service more capable of allowing players from any realm to come together.

Initially the base of operations will be Discord, because, duh, it's free and it's pretty great. If that ever changes we'll do something else, hence the need for the guild to act as an HQ. If you're gone for a few weeks and you come back and the Discord channel is gone, just log into your character in the guild to find out where we went.

Whenever you get bored and want to do something just jump on Discord to see what's going on. Maybe there'll just be one other person on and you might go run through some old raids looking for rare mounts. Maybe there'll be several people on and you might want to run some keys. Maybe there'll be a bunch of people on and start up a raid.

It's a guild that isn't really a guild that actually works just like a guild. The main difference between this guild and the guild your main is in now is instead of logging in, saying hi, and then after everyone says hi back you go off doing dailies alone... here everyone is here because they are looking to do stuff with other people.

Basically you come when you want and you leave when you want. While you're here you do what you want with others who want to do it as well. I want this to become a very large group of friendly people if not outright friends. With enough people we really should be able to stop in any time day or night and find something fun to do. If you have something a little more structured in mind that's not a problem either, we'll throw it up on the calendar.
The Golden Rule

Do unto others... yeah... sorta... but really our golden rule is everyone is here to chill out and have a good time so just don't ruin anyone else's fun with your attitude or with your readiness. If something's not working out the way you would like it to work out in the group you're in then calmly explain why and if it can't be resolved the cordially leave group. I'm not talking forever either. Sometimes I just wanna go in a raid and mess around, try stupid stuff, go down that hall nobody ever goes down. Other times I want to quickly and efficiently complete a raid for character progression purposes. I wouldn't get along with myself very well with goals so divergent, but that doesn't mean most of the time I don't like me.

There's a flip side though. You also have to understand that taking 20 fresh 110's into Mythic ToS and wiping on the first trash pack isn't fun for most people. Struggling on boss fights because you're trying to drag under geared players through isn't fun either. Now if a group of people all decided to try to complete a raid with the lowest recommended item level, well, that's another story altogether.

What you need to do is try to stay cognisant of the possibility that you're the weak link in the chain. If you are, offer to step out for a pull or two to see if things get any easier. Be ready to step down if you're holding the group back.

Even in a casual guild with like minded players just looking to hang out and chill everyone isn't always going to be on the same page... and that's OK! It's how we deal with such situations that's important. Since we're not an actual guild, much less an actual raiding guild, progression isn't our goal. We don't have to sacrifice self for the team. We have no commitment to the group we're in. We don't have to tough it out today if we want to have a spot tomorrow, we just wish the group the best of luck, excuse ourselves, and leave.

Grass Roots

As I type this there I am literally the only person involved. There's no guild, there's no name, there are no people, it's just an idea...
Hey, wouldn't it be cool if there was a place you could drop in any time day or night and find people that just want to hang out and have fun?

That's exactly what this will become. It will start slow. It will happen exactly like filling a group in game. Eventually one person will join, we'll hang out a bit and just kinda do our thing before eventually another person will join. That person will hang out awhile but get bored with how few people are there and will leave never to return. A couple more will join, and one will leave. There'll be several more that join and a few more will leave. Eventually there'll be a big group and once people see that they will be asking to join right and left.

You just have to have patience... or not. You don't have to have patience, it's alright, somebody else will. There are millions of players. Hundreds of thousands of players on at any given time. Of those there is a rather large percent of players who are bored because they are soloing boring content when they'd rather be in a group having fun doing something else. We don't have to fill a raid group our first night, one will become two, two will become more, eventually we'll have a large group of friendly players always looking to have fun, and more importantly the infrastructure to remove those that seek to ruin the fun of others.
I'm Interested

Cool. As I've said, this is an alt, but he will eventually become the guild leader of whatever guild we form. Just create a character on Ghostlands and reply to this thread and I will send you an email in game with the Discord channel we're using once I see it. Then when we meet up in game I'll invite that toon to the guild.

Things will start pretty slow, so be ready for that. However, it's a great time to start something like this because Argus is tough and lots of people have lots of alts to run through the starting questline, so even if there are just 2 or 3 people there's something fun to do right there.
Like the Idea, def interested in giving this a go.
Is this still a thing? I see the original post was made back in August.
Been away from WoW for a bit, so sorry it's taken a few weeks to respond. Someone asked me in game if this guild ever got off the ground, and the answer is honestly not even a little bit. However, I will always be interested in being part of a group like this. If anyone else is interested it only takes a few people to get the ball rolling.

I just started playing again today, I've not even set foot in the latest raid, however I know that right now, this very minute, there are hundreds of players who have a toon with sufficient gear and proficiency that would love to jump in a raid and just have fun with zero expectations. I'd love to be in that group right now.

Got an alt that's all geared up with no place to go? I feel ya. It's hard to join pug groups who are expecting quick easy completions when you're on a toon you have no experience in the raid with, even if they are more than sufficiently geared. Drama isn't fun and certainly nobody wants to be the cause of it.

In one of these groups players would only be expected to be proficient with their sufficiently geared toon. If we wipe on the first boss 10 times we wipe 10 times. No finger pointing, no blame, just dust off and try again or hope for better luck next time.

Obviously proficiency is subjective as is sufficient gear, but this is for reasonable people so what does or doesn't make the cut is really just a matter of common sense.

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