Sheep Monitor

Hello everyone,

Picking up yet another alt and have a quick question.

Is there a stand alone sheep monitor out there? I know mage nuggets has one, but I have accounted for everything else I care to track with TellMeWhen, and don't really want to install Mage Nuggets just for the monitor.


Note: I do see Sheep Monitor... are there others?
Sheep monitor? I just use a macro and the built-in focus target.

#showtooltip [@focus,exists][@target]Polymorph(Pig)
/clearfocus [@focus,dead][@focus,noexists][@focus,noharm][@focus,mod:alt]
/focus [@focus,noexists]
/cast [@focus]Polymorph(Pig)
There is an addon that is called "SheepMonitor" that I use. IIRC, it also tracks sap and other types of cc so you can use it with other classes also. Simple to use.
I am pretty sure you can also Setup Weak Auras 2 for this.
Definitely suggest mage nuggets. Has a spellsteal monitor that shows all the targets dispellable buffs, polymorph monitor With target name and duration, and also a minimap button that opens a convenient window with every teleport and portal spell and every hearthstone on a 1 stop 1 click use. The polymorph monitor has a sheep sound when the poly is applied and broken. Highly suggest it to any mage.

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