[A] <Justice> AOTC Raiding Guild LFM

Ghostlands and Kael'thas
Justice is a no drama, alliance casual heroic raiding guild on the Ghostlands & Kael'thas PvE server. We've been around since wrath with most of our core leadership around since Vanilla & BC. We like to have fun, joke around and kill bosses. We don't have a strict attendance and totally understand life takes priority. For all of legion raid tiers we have received the AOTC chevo. We enjoy helping other guildies and striving to make everyone better as the game is best played with a good group people making progress.

Raid Nights: Wednesday and Monday (Farm raid on Sunday)
Times: 8:00PM Central to 10:30PM Central

We also have a farm raid on Sunday where we will help fresh 110's, alts, friends and people that can't join us on Wednesday or Monday get loot. We enjoy helping people out, chillin' on Discord and have some peeps that like to get their Mythic+ and PvP on. We are working on building out a solid 20 player roster and hope this sounds like a guild you can come and have fun with!

We are currently looking for:
Shadow Priest with a Holy or Disc Offspec

As a guild we use Discord. We pay for a guild subscriptions of Ask Mr. Robot, RaidBots & WarcraftLogs. Check our current progression https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/kael-thas/Justice, you can check out or logs at https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/228103 and we stream our raids at https://www.twitch.tv/ucswift if you want to see how we work.

Please reach out to BattleTag Pitfall#1290 or Tannatax#1569 for more information, don't reply or PM\DM as I don't get notifications in a timely fashion.
Updated recruitment above with latest status and open recruitment. Thanks for looking!
Updated progress and current recruitment needs. Looking for a healer (Monk, Pally or Druid) with a dps offspec (tanking offspec a plus).
Another update to progress and recruitment needs. Looking for another healer with a dps ofspec.
Updated progress and the classes and specs were looking for.
Updated progress and what were looking, added an Assn Rogue.
Updated progress and needs, looking to add players to our roster that want to progress into mythic.
Are you by chance looking for a Hunter and healing Priest/Monk for BFA? Myself and a friend have been shopping around for a while now looking for a guild preparing to enter into Mythic progression or a solid Heroic team. We are looking to start raiding when BFA drops as Legion is coming to a close, so if you have some roster spots needing filled we are interested! The raid times and days are spot on as well for us.

As a side note, Kael'Thas was actually my first server during Classic, so I wouldn't mind returning home as a player looking for a fun group of people to play with again!

Feel free to shoot me a message on BNET (Sublimity#1478) or Discord (Sublimity#5788).

Updated needs and copy for BFA!
Updated needs, thanks for all the warriors who applied!

Are you guys open to:
1 x 352 Holy Priest
1 x 353 Havoc DH
1 x 346 Fury Warrior

My friends and I are looking for a raiding home.

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