925 9/9H Affliction lock LF raiding guild

I have full cleared Heroic difficulty twice. I have no issues with stepping out of raid if I'm not up to par with other during progression. I'm constantly checking warcraftlogs as well as my discord channel for ways to improve my dps as well as my overall play to better myself. I consider myself a team player and am open to running easier content or mythic pluses to help better the raid in anyway I can. I have reliable interwebz, a pretty good gaming rig (with a working headset), and I have many addons downloaded to help improve my game play. Open to downloading whatever addons are required by the guild as well. I'm very go-with-the-flow as well.

If interested, please drop a message on here (preferably link/paste your recruitment post) and I will get back to you :)
~~OATH~~ is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to recruit more skilled ranged dps. We like to keep the atmosphere friendly but we expect raiders to pull their weight and to know their class. We have a lot of great people in this guild right now but we need some more to try to push our group into some mythics! Besides raiding, we also like to run Mythic Dungeon’s as well.

Our raid times are:
Monday and Tuesday 7pm – 10pm CST

Our progression is currently:
9/9N and 8/9H ToS

What we are looking for:
We are in need of ranged dps and a healer. We are looking for mature, friendly players. We expect raiders to pull the weight and be prepared for each raid with food/potion/flasks! We expect all raiders to join us in Discord for every raid and have near 100% raid attendance.

If you’re interested in joining us, please feel free to message me or any other officers for an invite:
Myself at Feoraa#1915
Syners at Squire#1242
Shakey (RL) at Shakey#1954

I am with Axis of Ignorance and we are currently looking to fill a couple holes for Mythic progression. We are currently 9/9 Heroic and pushing into Mythic. We are a two a day raiding guild (Tuesday and Thursday 9 - 12 EST). If you have any interest please reach out to me at Btag: Vedel#1154 or on discord at Vedel#5021.

<Axis of Ignorance> is a two day per week progression raid team currently working on Heroic Tomb of Sargeras with mythic shortly following H KJ. Our mindset is One Team One Dream. What this means is the ideal and current group is focused on killing as much content as possible while having fun doing it. We raid progression for 6 hours per week you are expected to come prepared with all mats and knowledge of the fights.

Raid times: Tue and Thur 8-11 PM CST.(Progression)
Sunday Funday Alt Raids: same time as progression raids

Current Progression:
9/9 H ToS

We will ask that you be able/willing to use discord and provide logs before joining. Once we have spoken we will bring you to a raid or two and go from there. Keep in mind this is progression so bring your patience and "A" game.

Please reach out to me at Vedel#1154 if you are interested.
Hello, The Marginal Difference is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to fill the remaining spots on our roster to begin mythic raiding. The raiding schedule is Tuesday and Wednesday 7 pm - 10 CST, with an optional Alt run on Saturday. Our current progression is 8/9H with close attempts on Kil'Jaeden. We supply raiders with Food and Flask and only ask them to bring Pots, bonus rolls and to have our required add-ons.

If you have any questions or wish to give us a try please add either elderfro#1453 or myself MrBrightSide#1209 on btag.
[A] Executive Decision (1/9 M 9/9 H) US-Sargeras (Title)

Executive Decision

US Realm: Sargeras [A]

Age Range: 18+ (Most Members are mid 20’s and older)

Current Progression: 9/9 H 2/9 M

Raiding Times:

Mythic: Tu/Th 8pm to 12pm Est (7pm to 11pm Server)

Heroic / Normal: Friday 9pm Est (8 pm Server) (Not required/ Off Night)

Who we are:

Executive Decisions is an active mature (+18) guild looking for a few new raiders to add to our core team. Our guild has been around for 12+ years now. We started on Bleeding Hollow (US) but with an influx of Horde players to the realm moved to Sargeras(US) during early MoP.

We are a casual-progressive raiding guild. We strike the balance between raiding and community while maintaining a two night/week raid schedule. Our community matters just us as much as our raid team. We’re a family; We’re a team – and we’d love to welcome you to join us!

We’re almost always running some kind of activity with our fellow guild members in and outside of game. In WoW this normally means RBG’s, Mythic +, Achievements, etc. Outside of the game a lot of our players enjoy and play other blizzard titles as well as other platforms together.

Guild Website:

Contact Us:

Pessimist#1659 or Humorous#1559

You may also contact any of our guild members you see online and they will pass the message on to us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Thank you!
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

3/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras, Last Phase on Sister's (Will have it next week).
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M ToV
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday .

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

<Lobster Farm> is an Alliance guild on US-Sargeras. We are newly formed guild, with a roster of Mythic experienced players who are looking for more like minded raiders to progress through Mythic content. We currently have a small roster, but are growing quickly and just need a few more people to start guild raids.

Raid experience is a must. Preferably mythic raid experience and AOTC KJ

Like I said we are fresh, but everyone in guild is currently:
8/10 M NH
3/9 M TOS

Current Days/Times
We are currently a 2 day guild, but will be moving to 3 days once Mythic progression starts

Tuesday: 12am-3am CST
Thursday: 12am-3am CST
Once Mythic starts we will be adding:
Wednesday: 12am-3am


Blood Death Knight- High
Brewmaster Monk- High
Protection Paladin- High
Vengeance Demon Hunter- Low
Protection Warrior- Low
Guardian Druid- N/A

Resto Druid- High
Holy Paladin- High
Disc/Holy Priest- N/A
Restoration Shaman- N/A
Mistweaver Monk- Medium

Currently accepting all exceptional DPS with emphasis on ranged.

Loot will be distributed using RC_LootCouncil for MYTHIC progression only. Heroic and Normal runs will be personal.

Lobster Farm is looking for Mythic experience over your ilvl. Your attendance will be recorded and be taken into account when distributing loot. We have very friendly and helpful members who are willing to help you gearup that last little bit to have you ready for Mythic raiding, within reason. Serious players who have a sense of humor have a home with us. Your expected to show up on time ready to raid, with your own runes/flasks/food, even though we will be providing a lot of that for you. Knowledge of your class and spec as well as the current progression fight are a MUST, because if you are not performing at your best you are affecting the group as a whole. Come join the next big Mythic raiding guild!

For any questions please send a Battle.net friend request to:
Spoodle#1452 Twigysmalls (GM)
Treehugger#1165 Mickiminaj (Officer)

An interview with either me or Mickiminaj will be required before we make a decision. Hope to hear from you!
<Sleepless Supremacy> Is a guild full of active committed members. We're a tight knit group that gets along very well, and are seeking members that know their class, but also know how to have fun in a raid environment. Just because it isn't raid night, doesn't mean there is nothing to do! M+, PvP, etc. we keep stuff moving, and are looking for players that wanna have fun all nights of the week.

We're currently seeking dedicated consistent players looking to progress in a fun, friendly environment. We are an 18 year old and over guild.

Current Progress:
9/9 Heroic, 3/9 Mythic

A good positive attitude. Anyone that has raided for progression will tell you this is very important!
90%+ attendance, absences don't count if notified 3 days in advance. Invites go out at 9:45PM (PST) and first boss is usually pulled at 10 on the dot, please don't be late!
Come prepared with enchants, and all consumables needed.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday:10pm-1am PST
Wednesday: 10pm-1am PST
Thursday: 10pm-1am PST
(Optional) Funday Monday: 11pm~ PST. We generally run Heroic NH, N ToS, etc.

If interested Contact myself or one of my officers on btag @:
JUGGERNAUT#12336 (Myself)

or Apply online @ www.SleeplessSupremacy.com
App located under the "Core Raid Application" tab!

Look forward to talking to you soon!
Heya Qeloth!

<The Money Store> (9/9H ToS) is an active, chill yet productive guild led by former mythic raiders. We’re looking for dedicated raiders to fill our core roster! Our raid environment is typically welcoming, friendly, respectful, productive, and inclusive- this fosters our main goal, which is growth.

We’re currently farming H ToS until Antorus comes out, so join for some laid back raid nights (Tuesdays we clear up to Avatar, Saturdays are dedicated to H KJ nights). Otherwise, once our core roster is filled, we plan to discuss with the entire raid group to ensure that everyone supports pushing mythic, which we are more than capable of. It’s just a matter of inclusion and respect that we wait for everyone’s opinion.

Recruitment: RDPS
Raid Schedule: Tues/Sat, 8:30-11:30PM CST
- Discord
- DBM (https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/deadly-boss-mods)
- Skada (https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/skada)

For more info, contact me at Koi#12142 (btag) or Koi#6129 (discord)!
<Lobster Farm> is an Alliance guild on US-Sargeras, looking for like minded people to raid Heroic and Mythic content. Our first guild raid is 9/12/17, as we just acquired enough people for our own raids.

Raid experience is a must. Preferably mythic raid experience and AOTC KJ

8/10 M NH
3/9 M TOS

Current Days/Times
We are currently a 2 day guild, but will be moving to 3 days once Mythic progression starts

Tuesday: 12am-3am CST
Thursday: 12am-3am CST
Once Mythic starts we will be adding:
Wednesday: 12am-3am


Currently recruiting a back up tank of any class.

Resto Druid
Holy Paladin
Disc/Holy Priest
Mistweaver Monk

Shadow priest
Balance druid
Windwalker Monk

Any and all exceptional DPS are being accepted.

Loot will be distributed using RC_LootCouncil for MYTHIC progression only. Heroic and Normal runs will be personal.

For any questions please send a Battle.net friend request to:
Spoodle#1452 Twigysmalls (GM)
Treehugger#1165 Mickiminaj (Officer)
Hey hit me up in game if you are still looking so I can see if what we offer is what you are looking for. Fenenbock.
[Sargeras]<Oathbound> 9/9H is currently looking to fill spots on our core raid team to push into MYTHIC ToS/Argus Progression !
The CORE team will be comprised of 20 team members we feel are reliable and ready to complete mythic at our own pace. FILL-IN POSITIONS are 10+ team members who will be able to raid Normal/Heroic alongside the CORE, as well as, having the opportunity to join the core team should the need arise during a raid.
You must have a MINIMUM of 52 Artifact Traits in your weapon and a 920+ EQUIPPED Item Level to enter our Raid Trial period. Below you will find a list of Classes and their Specs that we are currently interested in for filling our CORE. *Frost/Fire/Arcane Mage
*Affliction/Destruction Warlock
*Balance/Feral/Restro Druid
*Shadow/Holy Priest
*Windwalker Monk
*Frost/Unholy Death Knight
*Havoc Demon Hunter
*Elemental/Enhancement Shaman
*Subtlety Rogue
*Marksman/Beast Mastery Hunter
*Holy Paladin
With that being said, this DOES NOT mean that any and all players are discouraged from inquiring about joining. We would like to, at the very least, urge you to whisper an officer and have a talk with us about joining the team. We are always looking to fill up our FILL-IN POSITIONS.
A few basics that I'd like to go over before going further is our progress at the current time. We are currently 9/9 Normal Tomb of Sargeras, 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. Skilled players are a great asset to any strong Guild and we are constantly looking for people to join our team as we work together to complete the most content available to us. <Oathbound> relies heavily on our tight knit friends and family atmosphere and we feel strongly about putting the team as a whole above any one person. We use Discord to communicate with our Guild members and all team members are REQUIRED to be in Discord with a WORKING MICROPHONE to participate in raids and events. <Oathbound> is an ALLIANCE Guild on the US Server Sargeras. The Guild raid times are 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. SERVER TIME taking place on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday nights is our Normal farm night. Friday and Sunday is what we call "YOLO Raid Night" where we farm AP from Normal ToS, Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, and Nighthold Heroic (these raids are highly encouraged to be utilized by ALL of our Guild members.) Saturday is when we do our Guild Events (essentially mini games & events we hold to bond with our team members while having the chance to win prizes.) For further information please contact a member of our Guild Recruitment Team with any inquiries, questions, and/or comments:
You may also fill out a Guild Application at: https://goo.gl/forms/Ps7UsOdtr2XmKovC2
Sweet Sweet Lemonade is an Alliance raiding/casual guild looking for a few new people for progression purposes. We are currently 9/9H ToS and if we can get a solid group together we will start mythic attempts. We run Mythic +'s daily and have a weekly Alt run for ToS H for those who are not on the progression roster or unable to make the main raid. We do also accept all casuals who are looking for an active guild to just have some random fun with.

What do we need for our raid team:

-- 4 ranged --
Shadow priest
Boomkin / with a preferred healing offspec for Mythic +s
or any exceptionally strong RDPS

-- 2 melee --
No preference for role

We do request logs if you are interested in signing up (for the raid team).

Raid days and times are;
Tuesday 8pm-10pm server time
Sunday 8pm-10pm server time

Contact any of the following officers:

No longer looking. Thank you all for your consideration :)
Hello! Handle your mechanics is a new guild on Sargeras(A) looking to establish our core mythic raiding team. We are reforming from a guild that was together at the beginning of legion. Our original guild got 7/7 cutting edge and 5/10M.

We are a fun group of people that enjoy downing bosses. A lot of our members enjoy doing a lot of Mythic+ as well.

Raid Times:
Sunday 6-10 (optional)
Monday 6-10 (Mandatory)

Required addons:

If you interested please add me on BNet: Skillet90@1590
Wardens> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Sargeras –US looking to recruit players for our mythic roster in Legion.

Preferred Classes:
• Warlock
• Shadow Priest
• Mage
• Boomkin
•Holy Pally

Also possibly looking for a very exceptional Off-Tank for Tomb Of Sargeras.

Always willing to talk to exceptional players that are not listed above.

Current Raiding Progress:
• 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare
• 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor
• 8/10 Mythic NightHold
• 5/9 Mythic ToS

Raid Days & Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 7:30-10:30 PM CST
What we’re looking for:
• Reliable attendance: To get right to the point we need raiders we can depend on to show up. We know that sometimes life events happen that prevent you from raiding but we require that people don’t make it a habit to miss raids.
• A stable internet connection and working mic: We cannot have people on our team that has their connection go down whenever a butterfly flutters its wings. We also cannot have people who do not have a mic and are unable to communicate when necessary. Communication is important; a working mic is not negotiable.
• A knowledgeable understanding of your class and its inner workings: We’re not here to teach anyone how to play their class. We hold our raiders to the same standards that we hold ourselves. Efficiency is key.
• Please do not be thin skinned: You should be able to handle receiving constructive criticism. No one is perfect, being open to communication is critical. Providing constructive criticism and being rude are two different things. Please know the difference.
• Drama-free individuals: Drama will not be tolerated by any means. Drama queens will be removed, period.
• People who are looking for a productive semi-hardcore raiding environment: This is a fun and friendly raiding environment but when it comes to raid time it’s down to business. We need people who are capable of contributing to our team to make content push happen during our 3 day raid weeks.

If we seem the right fit for you PM or add Btag of one of the officers to discuss your possible trial.
• Once an interview is conducted you will have a minimum of a one week trial period that may be extended to two if the officer core feels the need to extend.

Officer Btags:
• Shadow#11439
• Vasen: LostTheWorld#1927
• Edgeblade: Spcypnts5533#1730
• Shini: Shini#11166

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