Spriest pvp help needed :)

Hi all!

Am getting tired of playing melee (and seeing how everyone and their mothers are playing melee in legion) so i am making some ranged alts.

As i am new to spriests. Does anyone have any tips on how to survive melee trains in 2s? I do skirmishes and bgs to train myself pvp wise. But it seems that i literally just disperse and then die if the enemy team consist of a warr, dh, rogue, dk, or god forbid a combination of them. Ret pallies are better because we can kite them easier. Hunters are equally bad. They literally can interupt you, feign your hard casts, feign death dispels ur dots, u cant silence them, i mean are we supposed to beat this class?

Any help would be appreciated. We are literally so slow and so squishy i can hardly ever get a single hard cast out. Going against casters are so much easier.
Are you queuing with a healer? If not, grab a RSham or Hpal. We need Earthshield or BoPs to stay afloat against melee. It's doable without heals, but your partner has to be very good at peeling, as you're likely the kill target 99.9% of the time.

If you're facing a Hunter who doesn't have a partner that can dispel, run Mind Bomb. That ought to give you some breathing room to cast while they're stunned.
Honestly if you are looking for a caster , I would not have gone with s priest. You even admit to training them , so why sign up for that.
Get yourself a good 2s partner dps, maybe a pally or even dk and get really good at voidshifting. And use mind bomb/adaptation unless youre against a rogue, then try fears with glad trinket. Dont forget to shield a lot, hide whenever you can. Practice using mind control, especially if youre in voice comm. It can win a game for you. Theres also a guy on you tube named anboni who i found pretty helpful for spriest pvp
You're weak to every melee in the game. If you want to play a caster, play a frost mage. That's the life of a Spriest. You fair well against casters but because of the lack of utility that was removed when Legion dropped, you're easy pickings for melee. And the new ramp up playstyle heavily favors melee classes because you need to "build up" to do damage, while melee dps has way more instant frontload burst to hit your face with.
You're #@&'ed. Run. Run and cry and die. Not necessarily in that order.
Thanks all for the replies guys (even the unhelpful ones lol). I have decided that lore wise i love priests and after the new 7.3 animations hit I am going to pvp main priest. Yes I know its trash but I will play the class I enjoy, not the fotm specs.

Anyway, no I dont run with healers as I train skirmishes which are mainly 2s. I will run 3s later but I want to learn to be independent and that usually means 2s.

Definitely utilize mind control when they r down 1 guy, because otherwise I just get interupted out of it by the other guy. I guess my question is: how do i increase survivability? I know what talents to pick from anboni vids, but how do I position myself? do I prioritize MB and flay first since it was buffed or do i still try and DOT everything up first? Do I just pillar hump with my mount while my other partner starts he fight first? Thanks all!
ps: I wont be playing a frost mage lolol I enjoy killing them too much. blanket silence, mass dispel ice block, pillar hump while mind bender builds insanity for me, dispel ice shield and icy veins, pop pw:shield only when hes bursting so he wont bother spell stealing it. Life is good against a mage. I'm only really scared when he poly - ebonbolt - flurries me. Scary stuff there.

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