Fusion is now recruiting (Horde)

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Fusion is now recruiting (Horde)

Fusion was made in 2009.

Due to complications the guild slowly died off over the last year and a half, But I'm proud to say we're ready to rock and roll again.
Fusion is looking for players of all levels, classes and specs that enjoy PvP.
It does not matter if that is World PvP, Arenas, RBGS, or just simple Random Bgs.

*All Levels are welcome*

We hope to have a solid RBG team in the near future.

Anyone is welcome to join, Just know if you're trying to do mythic dungeons there might not be much if any online that is wanting to join you on that, but who knows.. there might be a couple.

Feel free to message anyone in Fusion tags for a invite.

I will not lie to you and tell you that you're going to have a 2k+ 5s team ready for you when you join, It is a little slow right now. Hoping one day to be leading pvp guild on Thorn Horde. (Yes we all understand this is a PvE realm)

Come give us a trial on a Alt, or even on your Main.

~ Prayforloot ~
*Co GM*

On another note, Fusion is a Multi-Boxer Friendly guild.
Multiboxers ARE welcome.

Thanks folks,
God Bless you all.
Looking to join!

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