"Lazy Hati" bug worse in 7.3?

Bug Report
BM Hunters have had a long-running issue (since Beta!) with Hati where he sometimes fails to enter combat, despite our main pet being set on aggressive and itself entering combat fine. This issue has been intermittent and difficult to reproduce. When it occurs Hati will remain out of combat whenever we attack, until / unless we hit Kill Command, which seems to force him to finally attack.

Since 7.3 a number of us on Petopia have noticed that the bug has increased in frequency. Unfortunately we've never found a 100% reproducible test case to help with the debugging, but it definitely needs to be looked at. Either Hati is being erroneously set as passive, or something in the Hunter attack code is forgetting Hati is even there.
I've had this happen intermittently in the past & today it occurred after dropping down in the Fallen Avatar fight. After landing & the 10-15 second delay before the pets appear (gripe), Hati stayed next to me while my main pet attacked as I was hitting my buttons. I hit Kill Command which made Hati engage, then he returned to me. I then gave the attack command on the pet bar and he attacked & remained in combat for the rest of the fight.
I've run into an issue when Avatar goes into phase 2. When I drop through the floor, my pets completely despawn. This has only happened since 7.3. It wasn't just BM hunters either, it was everyone who had pets in my group. Has anyone else run into this?

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