(A)Immortal NightStalkers Recruiting

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
we are a casual raiding guild that is looking for some more people to join us in our raids, along with social members.

We are currently recruiting for The weekend raid team which runs Friday and Saturday from 6:30pm Server until 9:00pm Server (8:30pm CST to 11:00pm CST).
Details for the group:
Personal Loot
Currently 9/9N 3/9H ToS

What we are looking for:
DPS both ranged and melee

Ilvl 900+
Discord (only need to be able to listen)
DBM or Bigwigs

If you are interested just contact any officer in the guild. As an aside I am willing to talk with groups of interested people that would want to join us in raids but do not wish to leave their current guild, for those inquiries please send an in game mail to Alrii-Shadowsong or add Dieux#2243.
Updated requirements and progression.
Interested but looking more for a "home Guild" for my toons and such. Have done some raiding before but nothing hard core.

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