Appearances Sets Tab Zoomed In Lua Errors

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11/26/2017 08:41 PMPosted by Tratt
Hi Durandal

There are settings that are saved server side. Let's reset all that on the Rogue.

Open the Character Selection screen. Get the Rogue up on screen. (Don't log character in)

Click the "Menu" button in lower left corner > select "System" > then at bottom of pane select "Reset User Options" Click "Okay" Now log in to that character.

Once logged in - exit game - then log back in and check.

I just ran into this issue tonight, and this was the only thing that worked for me. Thank you!
Good to see Grahja. That was a "shot in the dark" fix - thanks for letting me know it confirms something for me.
Bit of a necro but I've just had this issue happen and like Grahja, this is the only thing that worked.
Just wanted to say that this still pops up, was only happening on my mage...the "Sets" tab was blinking all the time and the char model was too big for the frame, the head was cut off.

"Reset User Options" did the trick.
Had this issue happen to me as well for a few days, ONLY on my Paladin.

Followed the instructions for "Reset User Options" and that helped solve the issue too!

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