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I just wanted to say Thanks Blizzard. Legion has been a roller coaster of emotions! The story has been a blast. I enjoy the art and I'm in love with the new casting animations.

You guys gave us way more to do this expansion. I have never felt burnt out. I know I sound brown nosy right now. I just want you guys to know that some of us appreciate all you have done for us.
Ive veen playing since vanilla and i can say Legion is now tied as my favorite expansion with WoTLK.

Regardless of what the forums scream about the expansion has always been a blast for me, there was close to a burnout but i found a guild, and I've never taken a break.

It's been an awesome expac that has kept me entertained and invested the whole time and got me to care again about what was going on. I'm glad blizz got their stuff together it's definately a step up from what I've been used to
I agree. I am loving legion as a whole and have really enjoyed Argus so far. (Even though I have only been able play for an hour with Argus, which was more than I spent the first day of 7.2)
I also agree. I've completely enjoyed this expansion.
I have liked it alot, i expect the next one to be even better.
It's been an incredible expansion that always has more content to do. I can switch to an alt, and do something that my main has never done. Blizzard tried so hard to make Legion as good as possible and it shows.

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