[Horde] Crafting Shadoweave Mask for free!

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Hello friends. You may remember me from such trade chat spam as "NATURE'S HARMONIC 4-DAY TIME CUBE" or "[INSERT POLITICIAN] has just banned guns in [INSERT COUNTRY]!".

I am here today to provide a service for you: I will craft Shadoweave Masks for free, so long as you provide the mats to me! I'm not going to take your mats and craft them, since some people might be worried about thievery, because I will trade you a completed mask for the base components (8 Mageweave Cloth, 8 Shadow Silk) in the same trade. I will also provide invis pots free of charge to anyone who takes me up on this offer, as this will help you get past a certain bottleneck later on. Limit 1 per puzzler.

The current puzzle event is too fun for people to not enjoy because they have to bust their bank buying a mask.

Send me an in-game whisper or in-game mail on Treezus or Murderjaw and I will set things up!

Yours leafy,

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