Moving WoW from SSD to HD

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I've copied and pasted the WOW folder, and pasted to my regular HD.

It still says my SSD is still full, with only 5gb or so remaining. Could I just delete WOW on the SSD since it's already moved to my HD?

If you copied it to your HD, then yes you should be able to safely delete it from your SSD. You should also check in the Blizzard Launcher and make sure you point it to the HD folder (Settings > Game Install/Update) so it knows you moved it.
Thank you and I did just that.

A little info on my computer.
Alienware R4 17 with 32gb ram, 256 SSD and a 2 tb HD, paired with a GeForce gtz 1070.
I have to say I have not noticed a difference all the much, a little, but nothing to complain about any loading screens or times. Happy! :)

Edit, if I wanted to upgrade the SSD to say a 512gb is that possible in this laptop?

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