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Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
Hey all!
Our <Nevermore> raid team is currently lacking raiders and we are trying to refill as fast as possible before the new raid comes out. We've had a few RL (real life) situations take some of our most dedicated players, so we are currently rebuilding.

Our raid nights are typically Wed/Thurs nights from 8pm-11pm realm. On occasion we will raid on Sunday nights. We have taken about a month break from raiding but right now we are currently getting back into it.

We are 9/9 normal and only 3/9 heroic =( though many of our current raiders have cleared, just not as a guild. We are currently open to combining raid groups from now until the new raid comes out as well, and possibly continuing.

We have about 6-7 players who are online and ready to raid every Wed/Thurs night, and would be happy to join forces for the time being. Currently we have 2 tanks, both which can dps off spec, 2 holy paladins with only 1 dps off spec, and a few melee/range (rogue, hunter, demon hunter) If interested in joining us or combining each week for raiding, please add me for more info and I can direct you to our GM.

Contact- Alexalyn#1903
924 UH / 922 BLD DK, 8/9 H ToS LF mature & social guild to raid with and hang out. Cyd#1332

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