Something off with my Graphics

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Basically, I'm having my screen flicker with 'crosshatch' textures. I can't exactly describe it, but I so have screenshots;

It's not there ALL the time, but it's. Flickering quite often enough to be a complete eyesore.

My settings atm;
Everything nice, cool and dust free? Maybe moisture?
It's not my entire computer screen, it's just the game, which is making me wonder if it is a setting or if my PC is just too much of a potato to deal with this patch?
Hi Ashton:

Can you create a DXDiag report. The instructions are at the bottom of this Support Page:

It would be great if you could put that wall of text in code blocks. To put your DxDiag in a code block, copy/paste the entire file into your next post, highlight all of it within the post box, then click the </> button along the bottom of the chat box.

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