{H} Despair 5/11M 11/11H Recruiting

Guild Recruitment
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Are you a individual who......

*Is a loyal guy/gal looking for a long term home?
*Is a competent and competitive player, who not only has a full understanding of his/her class, but also keep up to date with the current changes to it?
*Is a analytic player who consistently assesses his/her performance to consistently improve?
*Is a self-starter, and doesn't need people to hold their hand to get things done?
(Well, some of us might be convinced to do more then hold your hand; do you have some pics? )
*Is not only able to accept constructive criticism and learn from it, but expects it from his/her guild mates as a stepping stone to improve?
*Has a outrageously good sense of humor?
*Is also outrageously good-looking?

Are you interested in a guild that......

*Recruits intelligently? We don't recruit for bench spots, and personality is as a factor as is skill/experience!
*Has diverse and interesting group of people, real people you can actually get to know, instead of voices and pixels?
*Is able to convey things in fully coherent English?
*Is able to have fun during raids? We joke make fun of each other, and still get bosses down. We know how to have fun but how to focus when it counts.
*Has the myth, the legend Darlington as a member?

Well look no further Despair of Frostwolf, is ready to welcome you with open arms! Our history is extensive. The GM and his friends started this guild back in Karazhan.. The BC days. We have been a pretty hardcore raiding guild, reaching as high as top 2 guilds on our server. However, after the Cata xpac, many of the members as well as the GM had to depart not only the guild, but wow as well for the IRL. 2 xpacs later, plenty of addiction itching, we are back.

Current Progression: 5/11M 11/11H
Server: Frostwolf: Horde
Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8-11 EST Optional Heroic Clear Sun 8-11 EST
Loot Council used for loot distribution

Currently recruiting:
All exceptional dps
Exceptional Healer

*That's right, join us, and you too can bro out with us. We might even call you the next day.*

For more information message any officer Star. Epitaph, Bereave, or Feeders or if you cant get ahold of us, you may apply at www.despair-guild.com

We want more for mythic progression!!
Healer apps will be met with cookies at the door, your choice!! nomnom?
and back rubs
I was just speaking with Star but lost her battle tag. If you're still looking for people Proxxis#11221
I can guarantee that the back rubs are well worth it as well
Heals...dps... all the slots are up for grabs. We are a competitive guild that enjoys being pushed to do better. Show us you want to compete and you'll have a home with Despair
happy saturday
bumping for mosham cause he's bae
i second that bump for mosham being bae
reset day is always my fav
joining the guild comes with an infinite supply of cookies made by our in house warlock chefs
they are yummy!
Sent a few of you friend requests just a min ago. I'll be on the rest of the night so feel free to poke me. :D
bananas are delicious

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