Guild fall apart? 3/9M longterm guild LFM

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Defiance on Shadowsong/Borean-tundra
3/9 M

Defiance has been around since Vanilla and over the last 3 years we ended up creating that stable atmosphere a lot of people are looking for and other guilds are lacking.

Raid Time: Tues(Farm/Gear) Thur/Sun 630-930(Progression) pm PST
Fri - Optional fun for alts/friends and family
Currently willing to accept exceptional players of any class for the mythic progression. Accepting casual players as well for all other content.
Melee: OPEN - High: Rogue
Ranged: Shadow Priest, Boomkin and Elemental Shaman are needed.
Off-spec FLEX Tanks (dps/heals that can tank as well as they can the other)

Defiance is a casual-core or semi hardcore guild that raids, runs Mythic+s, runs WQs together, and always tries to find something to do every day of the week while hanging out together in Discord listening to music. We have done the top 100 thing. We dont burn out or call it quits when content gets rough. We are an adult guild comprised of ages 20+ and pride ourselves on having virtually a 100% retention rate. We are a down to earth guild here to find competitive and smart players that want to progress in Mythic content in a drama free environment. With that said, we are not so obsessed with progression that Mythic comes before the players. This is a game and should be played as such with other players that share the same goals and fits your schedule. NO elitists and no one likes a know it all, just have a positive attitude. We work to build an environment and community that players want to log into. Doing so helps prevent burnout so we can enjoy endgame content without all the stress normal raid environments bring. Please feel free to add our battletag at any time to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Btag: AaronC#11555 Discord: Shamy(Aaron)#1760
Recruitment: Vikingodin#11181 Discord: VikingodinTheKinkster#0642
Keep on turnin
Keep on burnin
Rollin...Rollin...Rollin on the river
would love a shadow priest..DPS warrior, Enhance shammy, rogue, feral druid etc hit me up
Oh a ret pali if you have one laying around
DPS Shamans
Still need a shadow priest
LFM chill members
Mythic harj will go down soon
added you! i have 3 of us!
good to hear I look forward to speaking with you
dance with me
dancing with chickens
back to it
Sigh Harj to 9%
Touchng bases
so close to 2/9 need more folks to fill out the roster
Just looking for good players that want a chill environment to log into and see the same faces.
Good farm night

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