Guild fall apart? 3/9M longterm guild LFM

Guild Recruitment
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Computer is back and so am I!
Come for the raids, stay for the thrilling discussions on what makes up a good porno.
need you sweet melee
need some talented melee
I love tuesday
Feral's go RawR!
Brews go GluG!
You have an excess apostrophe my friend <3
all melee come on in
Making progession on M DI with 15 regular raiders and a bunch of casual friends and family. With a few more solid DPS we can do this easily.
M DI down even with pugs. Moving onto sisters now.
Yup Mythic is fairly doable` if you just have ppl show up
Progress baby!
why am i afk?
Why are you a fk?
stable guild longterm home family type community
Tons of fun sitting down!
I stand and play fireman
See what I did there...
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