Next expansion - Tone down the RNG

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I genuinely feel that legion has more RNG than Atlantic City or Vegas.

What's sickening is that it's harder to say no because spots/ output check performances are tied to RNG.
09/12/2017 11:57 PMPosted by Snowtang
In my eyes, Legion would have been one of my favourite expansions if not for the countless RNG systems like legendaries, titanforging, and now as of 7.3, the netherlight crucible. The fact that people have been complaining about the amount of RNG in the game, only to have more RNG introduced in 7.3 is ridiculous. So for the next expansion, can we please tone down the amount of RNG?

I didn't mind warforging in MoP, when items could only warforge twice, but the fact that players by pure luck rather than skill can obtain a 955 item, an item that is 25 ilvl's above the baseline for mythic is just painful. Acquiring the 930 version of an item feels extremely less rewarding and frustrating due to the fact that titanforging exists, making gearing up feel more like playing a slot machine than it ever has. Now as of 7.3, my DPS is even more tailored to RNG thanks to the Netherlight crucible. Relics that I acquire, despite being a bis trait, and a high item level, can be made redundant if I receive bad 2nd/3rd trait options. Gearing up in wow now feels like playing a slot machine, it isn't fun.

So please, for the next expansion, can we tone down the RNG.
No dont please i love the way it is in legion keep it up blizzard!

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