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Draenor and Echo Isles
Omega was created May 12th of 2007. We have been non stop raiding for more than ten years now. We did take a couple month break before legion for the first time.

Omega is currently a ten to fifteen player normal/heroic guild. We have been consistently clearing normal and heroic. We are not aiming for mythic at this time.

Typical raiding policies. Be on time, flasked, fed, gemmed, enchanted, and close to our current ilvl. Although I love them, and have 6 myself, we do not raid with kids. Our age requirement is 18 or older.

We use personal loot, there is little to no drama. Besides Sollos. He is kinda dramatic at times. We could use almost any good player close to our ilvl which is around 920 at the moment. We would accept less, but nothing ridiculous. We could make use of any role right now but could really use damage dealers of any spec. If a good healer or tank was interested we have players willing to switch roles.

We are currently raiding sun, mon, and tue 6:30 to 9:00 server and are 5/9 TOS Heroic.

We use Discord and our website to communicate


Flathan#1832 - or anyone online could probably answer any questions you might have about us. We want players who could make 75% or better of all raids

Thanks for reading
still looking

would like someone who enjoys playing main tank. healer would be ok, non priest. any dps class
We killed 6 new bosses tonight. I feel good about it, but I don't remember an opening night killing half of the new raid in the first 2.5 hours. Not positive if this is a good or bad thing.

We did finish tomb of Tomb of Sargeras Heroic. We are a flex guild so this was the highest content available to us (this is a fairly normal occurrence) I would love to have 20+ players but we have floated between 10-15 the last few years. Raid times are still correct up top.

Omega is a good group who appreciates its players and has a good time dropping bosses. Our application might be about 5 years outdated, but we have been raiding for 10 so some people may understand some of the outdated. If not, just guess or make something up. We just want you somewhere close to our ilvl. Personality, availability, consistency and decent play are all more important. If you meet those most important requirements we can drag you through our easier bosses until we start wiping then may ask you to jump out. Gearing up doesnt take too long now. We still use personal loot. If you are a leather wearer it would happen fast because most of our players are leather users currently and we can trade gear. We will be looking for tier of course in normal mode of The Burning Throne but many of the normal pieces are not upgrades for us. We do have some rules I try to break or bend sometimes. Then they rise up againts me and I have to listen. You can see these rules if you click on forum on our site. There are a couple top posts that are important. It's really fairly democratic. We do try to please our raiders the best we can. But once in a while myself and/or officers will do something (like a certain strat) because as leaders who work on the guild we have an obligation to do what we believe is best for the group. We don't want people who throw a fit if we do not do what they say because they their friend (who is in a top 100 guild)beat it one way and the best guilds in the world did too. Even if we like an idea and want to use a new suggested strategy we normally will not during raid. On occasion we will start the new idea the next day if it feels like no progress is being made.

We have a mix of players, couple Venezuelans, a handful of Canadians. The majority is in the US though.

Read through our news, we have been through some stuff. 10 years worth of stuff. http://omega.dkpsystem.com/news.php

One more thing, we don't accept players under 18. Sadly I have 2 kids older that that. One reason why is they are at their parents mercy. And then their schools as well. Even though many of the young people are sometimes exceptional players. The drama and scheduling problems are just not worth it. So I guess if you are going to apply you will have to lie about your age and play and act like an adult. But understand this, we remove players who cause problems.

I understand people use guilds as stepping stones to attempt to get into a better guild. I do not want those players. Please join our competitors. I want committed older people who run their own life. We have 1 person who has played in top 100 guilds. He plays here because he very much didnt like the atmosphere and the schedule of hardcore players. From top 100 to top 15,000 he went. He is really a great player. We still have some active players who have been here since Omega's inception 10 years ago. We also have a few new raiders from the last 6 months. They are all really good as well. I need to get us up to about 15 active raiders. I would take 20-30 players for a cusion. And if they all showed up, every one could still raid. One more thing you should know. We are a raiding guild. On non raid days very few people are on.

-Flathan of Omega

Thanks Tets, good to see you.
11/28/2017 11:10 PMPosted by Flathan
a handful of Canadians

i found a problem with your guild lol
Please contact Solidous#11451 at your earliest convenience
Ignore Shockakhann. Instead, contact Flathan and join Omega, otherwise he might start recruiting in Trade Chat, and we don't want that. Nobody wants that.

(Corelas lives)

LFM :)

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