Q: Running of the Gnomes 2017-help??

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Hi :) I am the Social Director of the Guild <The Anti Drama Society> of Proudmoore Server. My guild master, Isayuri was wanting to know if we, as a guild (well, whoever wants to participate).. can get in on the "Running of the Gnomes" event, as a guild, and how we do so?? Is there someone he can talk to directly?

Thanx in advance..
<3 / Ming
I believe that Dravinna-ScarletCrusade would be the person to talk to for the gnome run.

Hope this helps
Hi! I am the person to talk to!

All you guys have to do is show up on the day of the event on Scarlet Crusade!

I have the info your guild will need in a detailed post with a link to FAQ's right here for you! bit.ly/GnomeRun2k17

If you have any more questions there's a list of ways to contact me in the posts!

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