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Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

3/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M ToV
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday .

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

(Updated 8/30/17)
<Imperium> is a Horde guild with a focus on raiding progression but also a strong community. We currently have (2) active raid groups. Past raiding and our Mythic+ groups, we enjoy each other's company to a great extent within our Discord. We're the guild you can choose to hang out with instead of watching the NFL in real life. The camaraderie displayed here is unparalleled.

It's a fun group of raiders. We know how to have a good time, but the boss kills are important to us and everyone knows what "go-time" means. Although we haven't had the roster for mythic Tomb, we are preparing and shifting players around to build the perfect team for Antorus mythic progression. All of my main team understand that it's not about the individual player, but the team as a whole. While we are players who take damage, HPS, and parsing seriously, we will never sacrifice sound strategy to do so. If you are looking for a mature group of raiders, with a lively community outside of raid too, this is the place for you.

Although I always nag my guys to be farming out gear, completing every AP world quest available to them, and studying their logs, sometimes we host other things...
-DnD Style Roleplay
-Discord Music Parties
-"Cracking Open a Cold One With the Raid Team" (every raid night)
-Rated Battlegrounds
-Listening to Chaka sing

The week of (8/23), we've killed KJ and are actively recruiting to create a perfect mythic roster for Antorus (new raid)!

Raid Teams & Recruitment Needs

Raid Team 1 "Imperial Fists" (Major League/Semi-Hardcore/Mythic)
Wed/Thurs: 6PM-9PM PST

Recruiting (8/30/17)

We are recruiting for any and all classes/roles. We have a few spots left for a full mythic team, and are moving people around as we prepare to push into Antorus with our full force. Looking for exceptional players in all roles, inquire within.
Willing to teach and/or instruct if a new player wants to get into mythic content.

Concordance of the Legionfall
750k ST dps, active microphone with communication skills
Shares similar raid experience / skills
Highest levels of reliability
Outside of WoW communication skills

Loot System
Dragon Kill Points (DKP)
RC Loot Council interface to quickly distribute loot, referring to DKP spreadsheet

Contact Information
- Dakera (B.net: Dakera#1844)

Raid Team 2 "Salamanders" (Semi-Hardcore/Normal/Heroic)
Fri: 6PM-9PM PST

Recruiting (6/21/17)
Core spots available
Ranged DPS (All)
Healers (Priest, Druid)

-High raid attendance and good attitude
500K+ ST DPS (with 50+ traits)

Loot System

Contact Information
- Eadchoppa (Discord: THEL3G3ND#9642)

Mythic +
Looking to form new teams, so comply within if you're interested for any spot! The groups tend to run 1 - 2 nights a week and push to at least a 15 for the weekly cache. The teams have been reformed for the 7.2.5 patch to focus armor class farming for maximum efficiency.
We currently have preassigned mythic+ teams named by the members like
- Leather Baddies (not totally a pun or anything)
-Melee Massacre

Application Process
We use a very simple application process in our discord. If you wish to join the guild, please join our discord: https://discord.gg/wmSwJYa . Once in, you will see one text channel that has simple application questions for you to fill out. Once approved (<4 hours), you will be promoted to "Imperial" unless you specifically want to be a visitor in the discord. Following the application, there will be a brief interview with you to clarify any of your answers if necessary and schedule a trial.

Other Recruitment Needs
Collectively we welcome RPers, PVPers, and casual players! We can be those guildies you call on when you're being 1v5'd in the Darkbrul Arena! We have a couple avid PvPers in the guild, and are looking for a PvP Raid Leader to run an RBG team. In addition, we're looking for an RP Dungeon Master to write campaigns for us!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:
Kamikollo (Recruitment Point-of-Contact)
(Discord: Kami#0002)
(Btag: Kamikollo#1921)

or if not available, contact
- Dakera (Guild Master)(B.net: Dakera#1844)(Disc preferred: Dakera#1743)
- Eadchoppa (spinning rage tornado) (Discord: THEL3G3ND#9642)
- Aryxa (the baddest mage ever) (B.net: Invictus#1924)

Check out our YT channel that highlights our best (and worst) moments:
Hello. <Drow> is an Alliance guild on the Doomhammer realm. We're a long standing PVE raiding guild since vanilla WoW with numerous top 20 US kills under our belts. Our aim is to provide a good team environment and kill bosses while doing so.

Our raid schedule is Tues.-Thurs. 7 PM-10:30 PM PST

We are currently 9/9 H and 4/9 M ToS. We have immediate spots available. We are looking for an ANY RDPS, HEALS, or a HEALER with a DPS OS or exceptional DPS. Feel free to contact me at www.drowgaming.net. Or, you can check out our application forums at http://drowgaming.net/index.php?/forums/forum/25-wow-recruitment/.

You can also contact me via my battle tag: Anticlergy#1303.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
I can take you both.
We have one of the easiest application processes you'll find! And you never know, we could be your new home.
Enigma (10/10M), (9/9H) (5/9M) is a hardcore raiding guild on Mal'Ganis (US) Chicago, Horde. 2% pulls on Sass!

About us
Enigma was formed at the end of 2015. As a policy, we reward consistent raiding positions to raiders who perform well. We believe that all players in Enigma, regardless of seniority or rank must perform to keep their raid spot. This ensures a competitive atmosphere. We actively help our members get 15+ keys each week as well.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 10:00PM CST - 01:30AM CST
Wednesday: 10:00PM CST - 01:30AM CST
Thursday: 10:00PM CST - 01:30AM CST

Actively looking for healers.
Exceptional applicants of any kind are accepted and given opportunity. Balance druids, Mages, and Shadow Priests are of special interest.

More information
If you have any concerns or questions or wish to inquire about recruitment, please contact us.
Gazzuk#1936 our GM
Lion#12441 Myself

We utilize discord for communication;
Website and Application: www.guildenigma.com

Our app is literally just giving us your toon's info; easy!
Good Morning,

Our times really align with yours and I believe we're looking for the same goals. I'll leave our info below if you have any questions please feel free to reach out

Good Luck!

Accidental Excellence is a guild of transferred leaders and members from Celestial Vanguard on Elune-US. After reaching 8/10M in Nighthold, we decided we wanted to take a more laid back approach while still executing at a high level. AE is looking to bolster our ranks to step foot into mythics since heroic is on farm now.

Legion Raid Content:
Tomb of Sargeras – 1/9 Mythic 9/9 Heroic
The Nighthold – 8/10 Mythic 10/10 Heroic
Emerald Nightmare – 7/7 Mythic
Trial of Valor - 3/3 Mythic

Raid Schedule:
Mon/Wed/Thurs: 9 - 11:30 EST
Alt raid day: Tuesdays

Recruitment Requirements:

We're looking for the following classes to balance out our roster. Please keep in mind we're always looking for exceptional players. If you're interested and your class/role is not listed, please feel free to reach out to us. With our limited raid times, we expect our raiders to maintain 80% attendance.

Raid composition is crucial for progression. Players will be subbed in and out on fights based on the encounter; including but not limited to: understanding fight mechanics, executing fight mechanics, performance, etc. Still, all raiders will be brought in for gear and achievements on boss fights once they’ve progressed to farm status. Our primary goal on raid nights is to clear as much as we can as quickly as we can. If you are recruited as a raider, you will be raiding.

Currently recruiting Mythic Ready:

- Healing
- Tank

Who we are:
The current leadership has years of experience together. Some of us have raided together since Vanilla Wow. We have raid/leadership experience as both casual and as a hardcore guild. Most of the core that transferred are in our mid 30s and we’re looking to maintain something in between. We’re looking to build back our core with quality raiders but also just as important, quality people. While we would like to get back into Mythic Content we will not sacrifice the raid atmosphere to achieve that.

• To create a great atmosphere of mature guild mates that enjoy working on and learning new content together. We're looking to maintain an active roster to progress through both 5 man and Raid content.

Contact info:
If you have any interest or would like more info please feel free to contact us.



Also you can visit us at aeguild.net
<Insómnia> (10/10M NH, 7/9M ToS) US #96


<Insomnia> formally known as [Divided by Zero] is a later evening night guild located on Sargeras - US, which is a PVP, Alliance dominated, high population server. <Insómnia> was a guild created for the sole purpose of providing those whom can't attend the traditional raiding schedule with an environment focused on progression raiding. We place importance on not only keeping the progression raiding efficient but also giving our raiders an environment they actually enjoy.

While our raiding times or community may not be ideal for many, we're a guild with personality, that pride ourselves on our unique, and down-to-earth atmosphere. With each passing tier we've not only improved as individuals, but together as a team. We've proven our ability to weather the storm, not fall victim to the common difficulties faced by other guilds. Our guilds' mindset is to not only survive the tier, but thrive during it.

What you can expect from <Insomnia> :

> Guild leadership focused on progression
> Reliable and skilled players
> A friendly, social atmosphere not commonly found in progression guilds
> Guild repairs and feasts provided during raids
> Loot council fueled for progression!

What we expect from you :

> Raid awareness
> Experience and knowledge to play and excel at your respective class
> Consistency [showing up every night, and on time is a MUST].
> Desire to progress and push yourself every night, and to always strive to achieve better results!


Tuesday - Thursday, 8pm - 12am PST (11pm - 3am EST, 10pm - 2am CST)


For more information contact Kisshot [GM&RL], Tida [Ranged Officer], or Dusti[Healing Officer] in-game or at our website!

Website : https://insom-sarg.enjin.com/

Battle Tag: Kisshot#1230, Tida#1933, or Jogreyr#1608
Hi Ampz and wife. I must say, we're not a rebuilding or brand new guild but we lack the cliques you don't like a whole lot. My team is pretty open and people do things with everybody else. Our raid times line up pretty nicely with your own and we definitely have played host to many couples and family members before. Currently, we are H5/9, N9/9, H10/10, H3/3 (AOTC all x-pac). Our raid days are Tues->Thurs. If you're interested in a long standing guild that has been around since the start, please read below.

Hello all. GM of NERVous Horde here. We are one of the oldest, active horde guilds on our server-Bloodhoof. Bloodhoof is an original launch server that even had its original server blade put up for auction. We've been around since 2004 and have been raiding since the MC days. We are looking for consistent and talented people to raid during Legion. Our tanks are pretty much set but we are open to DPS and limited heals (DPS with off spec healing is glorious). We have a great history on our server (including #1 progressed horde side guild in MOP) and have been nothing short of a respectful group of people for nearly 12 years. If you are looking for a solid group to raid with, and enjoy the game in the process, visit nerv-clan.com or message me on Bnet.

Thank you - NapalmDawn#1157
Hi there!

You and your wife would fit perfectly into my guild. We just opened a spot for a druid healer, and need just a couple ranged to fill in our mythic team. Check us out here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758836810?page=6#post-1

If you also think you and your wife would make a good fit, add me on discord or battle net, info below. I look forward to hearing from you!

- Battle.net: Muppet#1307
- Discord: @Lumynis-Hyjal [H]#4662
Guild: <Nocturnal>
Server: Zul'gin(Horde)
Raid Times: Tue, Wed, Thur 10:30-1:30 PST (1:30-4:30 EST)
Progression: 1/9M ToS 5/10M NH
Current Needs

  • Boomkin - HIGH
  • Elemental Shaman - HIGH
  • Shadow Priest - HIGH
  • Hunter - HIGH
  • Aff. Lock - HIGH
  • Havoc DH - HIGH
  • Any Exceptional DPS

  • Expectations

    1. Good Attitude – Our raids are high-pressure situations a lot of the time. Mistakes can and will be made by anyone in the raid. Your attitude must allow for identifying such mistakes, the willingness to admit failure, and the drive to correct such failure. Criticism can and must be met with a level head and the determination to amend your play accordingly. Nobody is above being called out for a mistake. Getting angry at your fellow raiders for pointing out errors during farm or progression will achieve nothing except the re-opening of recruitment.

    2. Awareness – Encounters in this game will consistently find ways to kill you, ranging from simple fire mechanics to meteor strikes to sonic discs. If your awareness is lacking in any department, it will become readily apparent. We do not want people that cannot adapt quickly and efficiently to the challenging Mythic encounters of this tier and beyond.

    3. Performance – Every boss fight is different. How quickly you are able to form a solid, consistent DPS (or HPS) strategy around the challenges of the encounter means everything. Maximizing output is a must. People who can adapt to any encounter, old or new, on the turn of a dime, are the people we want.

    4. Attendance – The same players consistently showing up is one of the greatest keys to fast progression and reliable farm. Our final roster will be under 30 players, and we only raid 3 hours a night, 3 nights a week, so our schedule should be easy to make with 100% attendance, barring real life circumstances that can and will happen to everyone from time to time.
    Trial Period

    Once accepted into the guild, you will be placed into a trial period that lasts 2-4weeks. During this time, you will be evaluated and see how well you perform in our raid environment. Once we see how you play, we will have a brief talk with you and let you know if you passed your trail or not.
    Contact Info

  • Bubblesmitey - Bubbleskank#1537
  • Carýn - Caryn#1711
  • Cöltongrundy - Coltongruny#1258
  • <The Awakening> Zangarmarsh/Hellscream

    Looking for motivated people of all roles for mythic progression. Happy to make friends and colleagues to take down bosses and help the guild build as a whole.. Wiling to help people become the best they can through dungeons and raids.

    Raid times are Wednesday/Thursday/Monday, 8-10:30 server (9-11:30 est) Tuesday is a normal run for giggles and alts just for fun. Personal Loot, but we help trickle loot to people who need it.

    Helpful and friendly, but we have expectations and bosses to down, so bring your best.

    Discord communication a must.

    Contact Jassaris#1676 for information
    Hey Ampz! We might be the perfect guild for you! We aren't rebuilding per se, but we are building our mythic roster as we are short a few! I've left our spam below, and I will add your battle tag when I get homeI hope to hear from the two of you!

    <Wanderlust> - Whisperwind - PvE (H)

    Raid Schedule:
    Wednesday/Thursday/Monday - 9pm EST to 12am EST (6-9pm PST)
    NOTE: We only raid Thursdays at the start of a tier release, otherwise we use this day for an alt run!

    ToS Progress:
    9/9 Normal
    9/9 Heroic
    0/9 Mythic

    <Wanderlust> is a semi-hardcore raid group that has run under the same leadership since TBC. Our goal is to maintain an enjoyable social environment while experiencing all content while it’s relevant. We’re looking for a few more like-minded individuals to finish off our roster for mythic ToS and Antorus!

    Ranged DPS - Balance Druid, Warlock, Shadow Priest, BM/MM Hunter
    Healers - MW Monk, Holy Priest, Resto Druid

    Don’t hesitate to reach out if your class isn’t listed. We consider all exceptional applicants!

    Warguard#1900 (Raid Lead/Recruiting Officer)
    Bizznizz#1193 (Co-Raid Lead)
    Mazul#1425 (GM)
    Autocrat#1398 (Co-Recruiting Officer)
    Hey! Depth - Proudmoore(PvE) [A] is looking for a couple more DPS for our team. We aren't in the rebuilding process as you mentioned in your post, but the addition of another dps and healer (Could use a resto druid!) would be dandy!

    We are 4/9M ToS and raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 6-9pm PST (9-12 EST).

    If you would be interested in setting up a trial or have any question, please feel free to add Shawn#1812 (Officer), Kwontify#1281 (GM), or Malitia#11145 (Myself) to btag.

    If you would like to app : http://depth-proudmoore.enjin.com/ under the "Apply Here" tab at the top.

    For more info : https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753685532

    Hope to see you around in the near future!
    Hello! Carebear Club is looking to add some more DPS and a healer to our group as we continue into Tomb. We are a fun group of players who love to log on and have fun, as well as kill bosses together. We are very laid back, but kick butt when its time. We have a lot of people that enjoy mythic + and just enjoy hanging out. If you love a good Pun then we are the guild for you! We are currently in the process of rebuilding our group, and you guys sound awesome! :)

    Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm EST - 12am EST
    Raid Progression: 1/9M, 9/9 H, 9/9 N ToS, 5/10M, 7/7M, 3/3H
    Guild Website: http://carebear-/club.enjin.com/
    Forum Post: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749725641?page=2#post-32
    Battletag: Ariana#1409 or Dare#1185

    If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to add Dare or myself! Happy Hunting!!
    Hello Ampz

    <Certified Fresh> Seems like a good fit for you. Raid times Mon/Tues 10pm-1am EST.

    We're Alliance on Sentinels.

    We're 8/9H and on the cusp of 9/9H. We too like to have a group we have fun in but also are serious about raids. We're currently looking for dps or a healer with a dps off-spec. You seem to want the same things we want in our guild. We're also a newer guild building up so we're small right now, seems like exactly what you're looking for.

    I added you on bnet, I'm No1LiveZ#1137

    We have a laid back atmosphere in raid, don't play the blame game, zero drama, if we wipe we just get back on the horse and try again. It's a mature mentality raid group with a lot of fun.

    If interested contact me.
    You 2 would be a fantastic fit for our core raid team!

    Strong and stable guild (Shadowmoon Knights/Malygos) of over 10 years seeking to fill last few spots on main raid roster.
    Shadowmoon Knights on Malygos (9/9 N ToS and 8/9 H ToS) formed just prior to BC. We have consistently remained a stable, fun, strong progression guild. We have a unique raiding atmosphere, one that is enjoyable yet serious. Our raid leaders are fun and fair while keeping things serious when they need to be. This is a guild where you WILL see progression without hearing others being yelled at. Our guildies help one another.
    Our current raid times are Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 11:30pm CST. As well we run alt runs on other nights. We are a very active guild and you can almost always find us online running Mythics, questing, pvp, helping each other out.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

    CONTACTS: Whisper, in game mail, or friend request:

    Mirialia #1127

    Or visit https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ypVZxfEwnpgCuMq-kCAel5gwF4DsgNrC5j_C2VEosYQ
    Hey we may have just the situation your looking for added on BNET TheSpicyTaco#1172

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