Towers on broken shore are slow to come up

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Can we please get a reduced requirement for resources or just keep the towers up indefinitely since we pushed back the legion threat and instead just cycle the buff they give every week?
I got an idea. Mage tower for days!

Mage tower should stay up all the time. That's the only reason people go back to broken shore now anyway, just to kit out alts with their challenge mode skin.
This mage tower is taking so long to build =/
At this point they should be up at all times and the buff cycles every 3 days.
They did say they'd look in to lowering build costs once it was no longer current content. Hopefully they remember to have someone take a look and rebalance it.
09/07/2017 05:45 PMPosted by Shoots
At this point they should be up at all times and the buff cycles every 3 days.

Stop trying to make sense. There's two things Blizzard hates, 1. Fun 2. Making sense.
I think they forgot to monitor the rate at which buildings go up =/ they tweeted they would do it...
My mage needs to attempt the twins; Blizzard please. ;-;
Yeah, it'll take three or four weeks in between building cycles.

At this point, they should just stay up, it's not even current content anymore.
Now that they have taken the chests away from the build turn ins, even with the hotfix they will still be slow. Turning in Legionfall War Supplies is no longer worth it. It used to be a good source of gold, order resources, AP, maybe a gear token, and rarely a legendary. Now that it is just AP, it is so not worth it. If they want to remove the chance of a legendary fine, but the other rewards are what made it worth it to me. Now it is useless.

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