What does Emerald Dream drive?

Emerald Dream
This year I have been mostly using the metro to go to work, but I drive a 2014 Renault Sandero, 48k km and counting.
I have a silver 2004 Honda Civic with a spoiler and a manual transmission. 190,000ish miles. I love driving stick, but sadly, I'm going to have to give it up for my next car because I want to get a hybrid. :( I'm gonna get a few more years out of it, though, because I'm not in the market for a new car just yet.
Adva: Low miles on that Liberty. Keep that Jeep forever

Avalloch: No access to Instagram here at the office, so …tell me, how do you like the Aventador?

Exphyrl: My beautiful daughter’s boyfriend is an owner of an ‘04 A6 Wagon. Very sweet ride.

Tallywix. I like your plan on electric, especially if you have solar and can fuel the thing for free! I’m tempted to get solar, just to get an electric enduro to take to work and back.

Jimmirus: So you’re a truck elf?

Octavius: that garage looks like some firemen I know.

Zavee: see how your sibling likes the look of that first car payment.

Amour: I’ll have you know I’ve put 18.5k miles on a vespa. Scoots: super fun, but no weather protection, and dangerous as hell to drive here (SoCal) without a little freeway debris protection. I’m probably not secure enough in my trollhood to make the leap to a My Little Pony scooter. Call me weak minded.

Xaterian: Brother of Zigra is a big honda guy. Er he’s big, and he’s owned a lot of Hondas.

Stormragin, nothing says “ease of entry like a model T (and velcro shoe straps).

Mistcat: Your baby looks like he needs more legroom.

Vomitshock: I’m guessing here…Apehangers?

Abrahof: Let it go, let it go…

Hitavo: I didn’t think there were any Del Sol’s left.

Dreka: weren’t you tempted to get a diesel jetta? I totally was, mpg be damned, they’re awesome.

Boadicea: I have a few miles more, but it took me 11 more years to get em.

Dawnleaf: When you get the mustang, just don’t put one of those limp-pickle garbage disposal exhausts on it. Let that thing breathe…

Zikari: Also a guess: Ford Dealer?

Finkell: I threw a rod on the highlander. On the landcruiser the block cracked and leaked water into the oil… and that damn thing still ran. I’ve put 200+K on 2 camrys, a land cruiser, 4 runner, and Tacoma, so yea, statistics catches up with us all. 4Runner was still my favorite.

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2012 Nissan Versa. I get around 40.6 mpg average (highway and city). Great little car. Nothing fancy. Stick shift, air conditioner, manual locks/windows. However, I did a lot of research. It was the cheapest new car I could get with the best gas mileage. Paid cash, around $10,500. Will be driving it for many years to come
From 2000-2013 I had two jeeps.

now I'm in a 2013 Infiniti Q70 , paid off, 60 something k miles.

as a save-the-planet-vegan-solar-power-dbag I'm interested in the Tesla model 3, I'd like to bite the bullet and get one but i'll probably wait a few years.
Before you bite the Tesla hook, ask yourself a couple questions.
How long do the batteries last?
What is done with the batteries when they go bad?
Which is worse for the environment overall, those dead batteries or the carbon emissions from a 40 mpg fossil fuel burner?
Assume there is fossil fuel burnt to create the electricity for your batteries, unless you really do have solar at all your charging stations. For reference:
For your info: I work for the company that does hazardous waste transport for Tesla here in California.
Moral: They're getting better but they're not perfect. There's still some waste at the end of the battery life, and Tesla is working very hard to come up with a completely new battery. In 3 to 5 years, this story may be completely different (and hopefully has a very happy ending).

And Briggo, you may be a dbag, but all that other stuff just makes you an interesting and conscientious one.

your sh** is my bread and butter.

Boadicea: I have a few miles more, but it took me 11 more years to get em.

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You should get out more. xD
My last car was a Dodge pick up truck, now I bike everywhere or take the train.
2001 Toyota Rav4 with 80k miles. Plenty of room for me and other people. Enough trunk space for my work stuff too. It has a sun roof but the plastic window part is dirty and needs to be replaced/cleaned but I haven't had time.
Not one Callaway or Ping joke?
- Ubodu
I drive a 2004 Ford Explorer. I am looking at getting a newer Ford Fusion, however.
An Infinite Timereaver
A <boat> ?
2016 Subaru WRX - selling it soon, going to be looking at getting a truck (personally I find stick shift more annoying than anything else, the car itself is alright though)
a bus
I used to have cool cars, now I have Milktoast, a 2004 Lexus RX330.
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I've got an 07 Subaru Impreza with 130k on it and it's got the man tran. I live in the northeast so the thing is a blast in the winter with the AWD.

Subaru FTW, 2002 outback limited sedan with 112k on it, New motor at 105k (like 2k miles after i bought it in febuary, rod bearing failed driving home from a weekend with the girlfriend visiting bats).

Before that i had a 2000 blazer 4door 4x4 for like 8 years.
2004 (?) Land Rover Discovery. Huuuuuge tractor that I just about need a step ladder to get into. But cant beat that diesel mileage and it runs SO well and effortlessly tows the horse float.

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