Queues won't fill up

In the last three bgs, the teams did not fill up until the very end. In the last bg, we had a 5-man for ToK until the last minute, when it did fill up, but by that time, the Allis were only 100pts from victory.

Anyone else experiencing this? I was doing both merc and regular, so it's not a faction problem.
I haven't seen it happen in awhile, but it was happening pretty frequently. If it is starting up again, they must have broken something again.
Can't remember the last time I started a BG with a full team, which seems strange as Horde supposedly has more people queuing. It usually fills within a minute or two once the game has begun, but it seems the norm now to be down a man or two at the start.
Used to happen all the time Ally-side. But lately I've noticed we fill up and the horde are slow to get their 10th. Perhaps it's a "too many people mercing" problem.

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