Relics of the Ancient Eredar bug?

Bug Report
11 years of playing and I'm about to quit. !@#$ you blizzard.
I still haven't gotten my first mission. What's the catch?
I have still yet to see a follower mission that would award me the 925 token, i have tried doing raid missions, all equipment missions and nothing. I submitted a ticket and they assured me that helping me with an answer would be a spoiler. i know that most are on or finished with the 950 one. i have done all the quests available to me on this character. i don't really understand what they think i need to figure out :(
"Spoiler?" What is that about, thought the pat answer was 'go to wowhead and other wow friendly sites' so they can drink more coffee and play in circles. More fluff to fill up "time online" playing
I have 5 out of 6 and it has been 3 days now and I can not get the last mission to show up.. I'm really annoyed with this wait.
After I finished quest line, ran mythic, and boom, first mission appeared. Had missions 6 hrs after I completed each one. Once the 5th was complete, look at me waiting 3 days later with more waiting for the last to magically appear from the Blizz lesser-gods...

Anyone else having this issue?
i got 4 over 2 weeks now none for a week.
Yep. None at all for 2 weeks.
More than week and nothing
Update: So I just abandoned the quest and picked it up again and the mission popped up.

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