Taking WG w/o going through fort walls

So I went to WG this morning hoping that horde was in control of it to farm the mount and we had it so I farmed the 4 raid bosses (no mount, go figure) and figured I would try and defend the fortress since the timer was almost expired.

As the battle started there was a pretty powerful gnome fire mage there that was taking me out pretty good so I figured I would wait until he got his vehicle (he got a catapult) and work on taking that out. While that started out as a good strategy I died again and then went back to look for him but I couldn't find him. After a mere couple minutes he had taken the fortress without going through the fortress walls at all. No warnings from the zone indicating that the fortress was under attack...nothing. He somehow managed to get through the walls and take the fortress securing the win for the alliance.

Anyone know how he managed to get this done? I know this BG has been buggy for a while now so maybe he found a loophole to securing the fortress for his faction. Had he won the BG by going through the fortress walls like he should have I wouldn't have cared and wouldn't be posting this. But since he somehow managed to "cheat" the system and secure the win with no effort I'm a little disturbed by this. Maybe he didn't "cheat" and maybe he secured the win by exploiting something with his catapult.

Regardless, if anyone has any feedback for me on this that would be appreciated.
UPDATE: So I found one wall destroyed after all but just one after the battle was completed. The wall that was taken out was the second wall to the left, if you're facing the fort, of the eastern most fort tower. Right in front of right side workshop. But that's it. No other wall taken down except the fortress entrance. Am I missing something here? How did 1 catapult manage to take down 1 fortress wall, skip the second, and take out the entrance in this short amount of time?

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