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Guys, I am getting way too frustrated with this. This is way harder then any videos I watch make it look, and I don't know why I can't do it.
I have a 917 item level, 30% mastery, and around 25% crit and haste. I just finished my 32nd attempt, and most times can't get past the first stage.

I think my problem is I am having a hard time healing and damaging, but I am shackling and stunning the main damaging abilities. During the last wave. It always seems I run low on heath at the same time Jarod does, and when I guardian angel, I go to 40, but immidiately drop down, while Jarod stays at 10% health right before the GA expires. And I am supposed to be CCing, damaging and healing the other two at the same time?

When I do get past it. Stages 2-5 are a breeze. The closet I got was stage 6 having 1 more to heal, but then Jarod died when I was out of major CDs.

Do I need a !@#$ ton of haste? Is it because I don't have Opis legendary, or the Velen one? I believe it's stats, what the hell do I need to get this done? Or is it just my skill and I suck?
CC the ranger one burn the melee one then range one repeat pop your pain supression for range one as it hits like a truck shared between you and the 2 npcs.
Well I'm not disc.

This is just way to hard for me I guess. Even if I do manage to get past the 5th stage, I haven't even touched the 6th. The fact that this takes away my main DPS ability and forces me to use it co conservatively is retarded. I guess I'm just not as good at the game as I thought. After many years of playing, and 50+ attempts at the Mage Tower, I guess I will never get better. Good bye for a while wow.

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