Unstable I-level after upgrading relics

Bug Report
I doubt I'm the only one having this issue, but I also didn't see it mentioned on the first two pages, so:

After having used the Netherlight Crucible to upgrade my relics, I'm noticing a fluctuation in my item level. I had one relic at 910 w/upgrades, then went to swap it out for a 915 w/upgrades and yet my item level had gone down. Went back to the forge to make sure they were still selected -- which they were -- and then tried unequipping/re-equipping the weapon, which then fixed the problem.

I also logged in just now, only to find my total item level down two points again. After unequipping/re-equipping the weapon, it was back to normal. I love the new upgrades, but this is a pretty annoying bug.
Yeah this is a really common thing. Luckily, It is just a display bug with the ilvl. Your stats are as they should be even when it's incorrectly displaying your overall itemlevel.

Linking our weapons to other players doesn't yet properly display the weapon's true ilvl to a viewing player, either.
Yep... just made a post then deleted after I saw yours.

Character sheet shows old ilvl after upgrading relics.

Removing weapon and equipping shows correct ilvl... but logging out and logging in shows old ilvl again.

Linking weapon in chat also shows old ilvl.


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