Fel Lasher herbalism drop rate bug?

Bug Report
Can the drop rate for the battle pet, Fel Lasher, be looked into?

Compared to the Skinning pet, Fossorial Bile Larva, it seems to be an incredibly low drop rate.
Not sure if this is intentional or not but if someone could check that would be great because it feels like a decimal may be out of place.
After several days of gathering and checking the AH, I have not seen a single Fel Lasher.
I am convinced the drop rate is broken/bugged.
Please investigate!
It does drop. But does seem extremely rare =/
Seconded. Never more than 4-7 listed on Undermine Journal for entire US realm. Something feels off.
It is curious. Knowing how tenacious pet collectors are (see Sundarter hatchling) I know several have been herbing like mad. Seems like it may have been removed from the drop tables by accident. I haven't seen any new ones pop onto the auction house. Just the same ones cycling over and over.

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