<Singularity> 9/9H Filling core DPS Slots

Guild Recruitment
We are <Singularity> Gnomer/Moonrunners largest raiding guild with 2-3 active raid teams running throughout the week. We consider ourselves a community guild that targets like minded players to add to our roster. We focus mostly on WoW but you can often find 10-15 player messing around in FPS and MOBA games at any given time. <Singularity> is a mature guild with a zero drama policy, we take pride in making our guild environment one that harbors an equal balance of competitive banter and fun.

We take raiding seriously and thrive to be among the top 3-4 guilds on our server for progression, which we have attained over the past 3 patches. However outside of raids you will find guild events and fun run raids for alts and offspecs running almost weekly.

LA - Mythic Raid Team 4/9M 8:30-11:00pm EST Tues/Thursday
Resurgence - Heroic Raid Team 9/9H 10:00-1:00am EST Tues/Sunday

Check us out at : http://singularity-us.com/

Thanks again for taking the time to check us out!
Please reach out to any officer or RL!

Addiction - GM/RL (Addiction#1475)
Jujitsuka - Officer/RL (Jigotai#1146)
Venard - Admin (Venard#1264)
Aknadk - Admin (Zezima#12508)
Jaskra - Raider/Recruiter (Jaskra#1161)
Doing trials tonight come join!
Raid invites soon!
Trials tonight!
Trials sunday

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