Your Class Fantasy

I would just like to ask the community how you feel blizzard did creating and enforcing the class fantasy of your preferred specialization. If you don't have experience with one of the specs feel free to only comment based on the one(s) you are experienced with.

Do you feel they lived up to what the class fantasy has been represented as and do you feel the gameplay of the class is able to keep you involved and further increase the feeling that you are the spec you chose?

What did they do good?

What did they do alright with?

What did they do bad/ leave out?

Please list which specialization(s) you are speaking on.

Thank You in advance for your responses. :)
I think that balance could use more treants. When i see druid npcs raising legions of treants i think "i wish i could do that" even if they were crappy treants. Especially when nature is supposed to be the diametrically opposed force to necromancy according to the world of warcraft chronicles book on their cosmology mandala looking thing. I am pleased with the other specs. Restoration feels a little more hands on now, i feel like i have buttons to push now instead of how it was pre legion when i felt it was kind of like "roll your HoTs on whoever it will sort itself out"
The biggest problem I have is that you can rename a lot of the abilities and pretty much be playing a different class. Take everything Guardian has, rename it to things based around shields and shouts and bam, you're playing Protection. Take what Feral has and do a similar change and you're playing Assassination. Same with with Balance turning into Enhancement. The only unique spec is Restoration and that is because of the HoTs and instant casts.

Overall I feel that druids in WoW are kinda weird, especially compared to druids of other games. A lot of the druidic themes are missing between the specs. I don't feel that I am playing a Guardian druid, I feel like I'm playing a bear. I don't feel like I'm playing a Feral druid, I feel like I'm playing a cat. Ignoring how similar the specs are to other specs of other classes, I feel that they only ever feel like playing a spec, not a spec of a class if that makes sense. The specs are fine, but the class isn't.

I want more druidism in my druid. Look at the game page ( and check out that image and description. It says we harness the vast powers of nature but we don't. Ferals and Guardian don't do anything with nature, they just use their bodies to fight. Balance kinda does in the sense that they use the power of suns and moons, but they have become star slingers instead of fighting with nature powers.

This is already pretty long, but one final thing. I mentioned druids in other games, and I'd like to note Pillars of Eternity, a CRPG. The druid in that game feels incredible. The abilities use such a variety of themes in nature. Check out their spells ( and be in awe of how great they sound.

TL;DR - The specs feel to separated from the class, especially Feral and Guardian who have very little druidic themes even more so once you realise you can convert them into Assassination and Protection just by renaming a few abilities.
I miss treants, typhoon, lifebloom rejuv and regrowth actually healing for a considerable amount in pvp, insect swarm, starsurge proccing instead of it requiring astral power, just get rid of the whole moon artifact weapon, might of ursoc, faerie fire, and although not hopeful all the time hibernate
I love the balance theme in legion. Feel like a space wizard.
i feel like with legion we have moved away from our class fantasy. druids are supposed to be adaptable and have alot of tools at their disposal. druids of the wild for instance are druids that train in all aspects of the wild gods and are a sorta jack of all trades master of none type deal. yet blizz has pruned us to a point we are 1 spec with a extremely watered down off spec choice and thats it. realistically how many non guardian druids with guardian affinity have you saw hop in bear to help save a raid when a tank drops? how many non resto druids you see pop a tranq to save a raid during heavy dmg? all things i used to do on my druid before the major prune. now i just feel like a !@#$tier rogue.
Eh, my experience with druids is pretty limited since I never felt like taking the time to getting this dude to max level.
But one thing I find MASSIVELY hurts class fantasy (at low levels at least) is the apparent pruning of the special animation for the Incarnation Forms. Before you could tell that a druid was going heavy with their burst and it felt intimidating when you saw this big bear/panther/owlkin become an enhanced version of theirselves and getting covered in that wood-like full body armor.
I understand that maybe this is not much of a big deal at 110 when you get your artifact and you get all the new shapeshift appearances but man, I miss that old animation, specially since it seemed like you were truly harnessing the power of the Wild to become...well, to become an INCARNATION of one of the Wild Gods.
On top of that, they left the Resto Incarnation appearance and improved it and it looks sick. Why did they have to prune it? :/
In my opinion the guardian druid just doesn't feel like the might wall of a tank it sounds like it should be. Though yes before all the nerfs guardian was the literal definition of a walking wall but now they don't really feel like what they should be.
I haven't played this character in a while, but I'd say there are problems.

  • You shouldn't be locked into using only daggers or whatever your artifact weapon is, druids don't even use weapons to fight.
  • All of the new form models were a step down from what we had before; they aren't character or even race specific anymore and a lot don't fit with the druid theme. You also get forced to use it or else you have to use glyph of the chameleon. I would be happy to see new animal forms, I just don't like the ones from legion. Some of those models could work well as temporary spell effects though, e.g. the wooden form when you use barkskin, one of the others when you use incarnation.
  • Druids should be more themed around nature, not space. All or at least most of the damage-dealing druid spells should use plants, mushrooms or animals to deal damage, rather than glowy stuff from space. Ideally the moon/sun spell animations should be given to night elf and tauren priests instead of their holy/shadow animations.

If they fixed those things I would be happy, although I would also personally like to see a good alternative to the moonkin form (i.e. a completely different model). I would also be happy to see some more race specific things (e.g. if the troll moonkin form was changed to something like one of the zul'gurub/aman boss models).

EDIT: I would also like to switch between different forms more often, like if each form was best at something rather than just tanking/DPS (e.g. if cat form was good for DoTs and bear form was good for stuns, I don't know exactly but that type of thing).
I personally would like to see the different animals forms be more racial specific. Not just a retooled model but like have them be specific to the race you are using. Like a feral form for instance. Worgens as wolves and Trolls as raptors. It would just fit more with the races. I know pack for was banned but if a Worgen can tame their inner beast then they should be able to use a wolf form because they have learned to control their more feral nature. It just feels like druids are very rinse and repeat these days. Originally when there were only Tuaren and Night Elf Druids you never had to question which race, you could instantly tell.

Overall I love a lot of the changes Blizzard has implemented to classes but Druids have not really gotten much in the way of customization. Yes, artifact weapons have helped broaden the available models but not as much as other classes. For instance, if you want to customize your toon as a warrior you can have armor which represents your play style. A mage can have a unique staff and robes to match his spec. Druids have a few models and at lower levels can only change the color of their fur.

Why not give us tattoos/scars or decorative battle armor as a Bear/Cat/Moonkin/Tree. Anyone who plays a druid regularly knows how limited we are when it comes to customization. I just want to have the ability to make my Druid stand out.
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I love the balance theme in legion. Feel like a space wizard.

I actually strongly dislike this for the same reason - i shouldn't feel like a mage. The ability pruning is really what killed the class for me, as now im missing many baseline skills that have always felt core to being a druid. Now im just an arcane mage in an animal form and the the other forms are useless to me.
Greénlee has it spot on. I came back to Feral this expansion and am really missing the group benefits (and sometimes saving gestures) that I used to bring to the table. Oh-crap bear form was something I specced into back in the day, as a very useful side part to my druid that I enjoyed.

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