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Hey guys, I stopped playing the game around mid release of Warlords and did alot of raiding back in MoP. My main is a hunter in which i did most of my raiding. I want to get back into this expansion (legion) and also ready for the new one. I want to start playing on my frost mage that i have on Stormrage, and are willing to purchase the 100 boost to start getting caught up. I would eventually like to get into raiding as i myself was a raid leader back in MoP and very much enjoy it.

I'm extremely noobish at the moment trying to catch up with the game and learning how to play my frost mage, so any help will work lol. Any help moving foward would also be appreciated..

If anyone has a guild willing to accept me and help me transition back into the game, please add me in game Antony#1950. Thanks!
Hi Poseidon! Are you dedicated to staying on Stormrage, or would you be open to transferring?
What sort of raid times would (or wouldn't) work for you? I know that's in the future, but no sense getting you settled in here only to find that our raid times are completely unworkable for you - you'd be best off starting where you can continue, if that can be made to happen.
Hi Cazenovia,

I am open to a server transfer granted, its a reasonable fit for me. As of right now im open to any raid times but like i mentioned, I think i have a long way to go before raiding. I mean im about to purchase a 100 boost, and then grind to level 110. But im fully dedicated.
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

3/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you as we have immediate spots. =)

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ
Good morning! If our guild looks like something you'd be interested in, and you'd be interested in transferring realms, I'd love to chat with you! <From Ashes> is an alliance guild my husband and I lead on the Whisperwind/ Dentarg servers. We are a social/ casual guild with a low stress raiding environment. Most of our members are older members (average age is about 30-35) with children and full time jobs. Our goal is to have a guild that feels like a family, where our members actually care about one another and want to hang out. We try to do as much as we can together as possible whether that be fun runs/ mythic dungeons/ raids/ achievements/ etc. Our raid times are Sun/Wed from 8p-10p CST (for when you hit 110!). We typically have an alt raid on Saturday nights. We are firm believers that real life comes first and that this is supposed to be something we enjoy, not a job. We also have people running mythic + during the week as well! Here is our guild spam if you want to check it out:

We haven't had a mage in awhile and would love to have you! Please add my btag if you are interested in chatting: Chelusa#1974. Good luck in your guild search! :)
We are on the horde side so you'd have to faction and server transfer but I'll go ahead and throw this out there to you. We are a heroic progression guild and we now have a pretty solid raid team together. We could use a few more ranged dps and another mage would be great. We have another couple of people who are fresh 100s playing quick catch up, so there would be a few guys in your same shoes.

Here's my recruitment post so you can take a look.

We are looking for the right people to join us so I don't mind waiting a little bit for your levels and most of the guys love running mythic plus dungeons and helping out so if you feel like you'd be a fit with us and are willing to transfer, please let me know. My contact info is in the post. I'll reach out on bnet too.
Hey there. When legion launched, we formed a guild out of about 15 people just like you. We were all terrible having not played the game for a while and helped each other return to our glory of being pretty good players again! My guild, Rally on Dalaran-US, is a tight knit, family style group. We have a couple raid teams and a set up that helps people move through quickly getting caught up and getting into whatever the end game goal is for each person. We have new players, old players, good players, and bad players. A lot of us just play for fun and some of us play for end game progression. I'd love to chat with you more if this sounds like a good fit. Please reach out to me either on Discord (Ava#5593) or Thanks!
Hello, add Fezz#1430 and we can chat about my guild. <The Darkwolf Marauding> of Garrosh (H) 9/9H Wed+Thurs 8-11pm Eastern. Raiders and casuals welcome! Casual Mythic ToS soon!
Hey there!

<Reckøning> is recruiting TANKS and DPS for core raid team; we aim to have fun but still focus on progression. Core start team is currently 6/9 Heroic. We raid NToS on Fridays at 9pm Server time, Heroic Sat and Sun 5pm server time. For more info add my battletag RawrItsKira#1335 and also feel free to give our site a look at! :)

We're definitely a fun and friendly group of people to hang out with! We also do Mythic+s as a team and would be able to help you level and gear up :) We'd love to have you if you are willing to server transfer as well; we are on proudmoore.
Awesome! We're always happy to have returning players in our midst and answer questions about how things have changed/what to do/so on and so forth, and help you get caught up. We're not always great company with questing if we don't have characters right at your level, but if you need help with specific quests folks will definitely pop over to kill things with you.
I went ahead and added you last night on battlenet, but here's a bit about us too so you can get a sense of the guild, and I am 100% aware this isn't all relevant for you right now, so no worries there.

Knights of the Flame is a positive and welcoming raiding guild on Greymane/Tanaris. We're a community of folks that like hanging out with our guildmates, encouraging improvement, and downing bosses together.

Raids are Thursday & Friday, 8-11pm CST (6-9pm PST, 9pm-midnight EST). It is a firm end time as folks get tired and have things to do the next morning.
I also run a part-guild, part-pug run on Sunday afternoons (5:30-8:30pm CST).

Guild runs typically focus on heroic progression one night (currently 2/9H) and clearing normal TOS the other (9/9N). Life changes for various folks in guild means that we've been playing musical chairs with our roster for a while now, and we'd love to get some additional consistent players in.
My Sunday group has been going 7/9H for the last month.

KotF is a small-ish guild still, but we are fabulously mighty. We'll theorycraft with you, contemplate mount drops, run old raids for transmog, m+ -- ask, and you shall receive. We'll also discuss the various mount pros & cons & appearances. In case you were wondering, Frosty Flying Carpet is way prettier than Flying Carpet.

Other things probably of note that I tend to forget to mention: personal loot. Guild provides cauldrons and feasts. (I like fishing, what can I say?) Attendance is good, but family and real life are obviously more important; we do like it when you communicate that you can't make it, though. We use Discord for communication.

Best of luck sorting out the best place for you, looks like you've got plenty of options here!
People in guild willing to help with the gear grind and quest grinding.

<Amateur Night> (1/9M)
Semi-Harcore progressive guild 2 nights a week, with other casual raids going on throughtout the week.Tight family like feel doing lots of Mythic+s and achievement runs as well
for those who are interested in such. PvPers also welcome to join, we are trying to create a little community for them as well in order to do RBGs and have Arena teams going on a regular time schedule.

Looking For (Solid DPS)
Range (High priority) : Hunter/Lock/Mage/Boomkin/Spriest
Melee (Low priority):Rogue/Enh

Tanks: For M+'s

Healer RShaman / Priest(either) / RDruid / No MW positions open
Ready for Raid for Mythic Progression.

Raids: Wed 8-11PM EST. Thurs 8:30pm-11PM EST

But ALL exceptional players welcome regardless of class and spec.
Battlenet: PolarBear#1688
Add/ask me anything you would like to know. Please have at least Heroic progression that's been logged so we can see if you're ready for mythics.
Is a new guild on Stormrage with the goal of not only building a raid team, but building a community. While many of us enjoy raid and devote much of our time into improving as players, we also love our guild because of the people in it. PugLife is looking to build a home for all players. Raiders, newcomers, alts, whoever. If you like to log onto WoW, pop into discord, and have some laughs. We are the guild for you.

All that being said, we are certainly looking to flesh out our raid group!
We are 9/9N and 9/9H ToS
Raid days/times: T/Th 9pmEST-11pmEST.
Server: Stormrage
Faction: Alliance

Who are we looking for: Mage, rogue, and demon hunter. All classes and good players will definitely be considered! As our raid group grows we will also be looking for one more healer, preferably a priest or resto shaman.

Our plan is to continue ToS H farm until next tier, then hopefully have the numbers to progress into mythic!

Why PugLife?
PugLife is more than just raid days. We are often online playing alts, chatting in discord, or playing games together outside of WoW. We are a happy family of friends who have been in and out of other guilds and never found what we really wanted. We are a young adult guild made of guys and gals with full time jobs, kids, and real life responsibilities. So, if you're interested in making a guild your home and you're willing to grow with our young guild, we are happy to have you! No matter what stage of leveling you're in.

Send me a message on Bnet so I can answer any questions you may have: Godeo#1447

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