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Hey! I am looking for a social guild that I can level up with. Realm doesn't really matter as I can make a new character to level on whatever realm to make sure I fit in with your group before moving my main over.

About me: I started playing WoW when the BC expansion was first released. I did some raiding with WotLK but have had periods of time where I have stopped playing off and on throughout that time. I haven't done any raiding or dungeons since I came back and I would be interested in doing so. I really like being involved in the guild and having responsibilities (like running a guild website or FB). I'm a college student so I play when I can but there are periods of time where I stop playing (Finals/Midterms). I also play Dungeons and Dragons but I never really got into the Roleplay aspect on WoW. My main (Mellimeldisi) used to be known as Meldainiel and I've had her since BC. She was my first character and I refuse to level bump her (which is why she isn't maxed yet).

About you: Social guild with helpful and laid back members. Organized guild which promotes and demotes players as necessary (there is nothing worse than being an initiate for months). Reward players who contribute to the running of the guild. Fb/Website is a bonus. Accepts low levels and altoholics.
You sound like a perfect fit for my guild, though some of us are a little inactive atm and we're really small. We are all laid back looking to have fun more than anything in the game. Add me on battle.net @ GreyHunter14#1283 if you have any further questions but we love to help our other players and enjoy talking with each other, many of the toons in the guild are alts of some of the core members (I am also an altoholic haha) hope to hear from you!
Thanks! I've added you and I look forward to talking to you.
my battlenet is Meldainiel#1433 if anyone wants to get ahold of me.
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