[H]Tank Monk ~900 ilvl lf casual raid guild

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Hi there, I'm looking for a guild I can raid with having only recently came back to the game! I'm still tryin gto catch up in gear, but I'd really like to find a home to raid with, I try my best to listen and learn as best as I can, and given my gear level, I'm mostly interested in raiding normals right now, I could maybe do heroic once I've caught up more and gotten into the swing fo things for harder fights!

I'm on Cho'Gall right now but this is a pretty dead cluster so I'm willing to transfer!
BJensen28#1130 add my battletag so we could talk
Heya Brew!

<The Tribe> is a casual raiding guild and might be the place you can call home! We're a Horde guild on Aggramar and have been around since launch. We raid Tues & Thurs 8-11pm CST. Mostly we're a laid back group of friends that know real life comes first but love playing the game together. I think you would fit in really well here.

Here's our website: http://www.longlivethetribe.com/
Here's our application forum if you're interested: http://forum.longlivethetribe.com/viewforum.php?f=19

Please feel free to message me, Cristalia #1260, if you have any questions. Either way, good luck on your search!

Howdy Brew, my guild recently transferred to a new server (Area 52) so we arent currently doing any progression, but are looking to recruit for Antorus! Friendly and sociable, if a bit crass, we are a close knit group of friends, looking for players who know how to take a joke, but also know when to get serious.
if youre interested in chatting about how well you'd fit feel free to add Sorrow#3026 on discord!

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