The Horsemen Elite Recruiting 11/11H

Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
The Horsemen Elite is comprised of a group of Friends that want to see cutting edge content with a smaller schedule.

Raid Schedule

Sunday: 830-1130pm CST
Monday 830-1130pm CST
Optional Farm Night Thursday 830-Finish CST

A little about us we started raiding together August 2013 and outside of a brief break at the end of the WOD we have not stopped raiding. We are very competitive and rely heavily on time management with a short schedule to hit our objectives.

We cleared 7/7M EN earlier in legion, 3/3M ToV, and 8/10M in NH, 6/9M ToS, and currently 11/11H in Antorus. We're open to any strong dps or healer, especially looking for those with solid raid mechanics.

Current Recruitment Needs:
    Death Knight (DPS)(Med)
    Shaman (Resto)(High)
    Priest (Healer)(Low)
    Demon Hunter (DPS)(Low)
    Hunter (High)
    Monk (DPS)(Medium)
    Rogue (Med)

Battle Net:


Feel Free to add us on btag for questions or interest.
939 ret looking for stable mythic raiding guild.

do i have to join the guild? Im interested. Im a returning players. I came back with just a couple of friends (the guild). i have a lot of BC/ WotlK raid exp. i raided in FF14.

My static in ff14 took down Turn 9 coil of bahamut pre nerfs. Was in Mediocre men on thunderlord server in Wrath and was in the group that almost got server first with them on 25 man heroic trials. still learning this expansion but at a fast rate.

daskill#1492 if i can join
Updated Recruitment
I'ma returning player looking for people to play with. Aelbryan is my character name.

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