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TLDR: Looking for weekday M+ group. Have horde and alliance. I'm chill, stress free, you should be to.

Hey all,

I'm not going to sugar coat anything, I returned to WoW after a short break and have pretty much been playing solo and I'm bored as heck. I'm really interested in working on Mythic+ dungeons but trying to pug them isn't my thing.

Let me fill you in on my story quickly. I've been playing since Vanilla, with breaks here and there since the end of Cata. I raided in Vanilla, moved to hardcore for TBC and WotLK and did pretty solid 10 man in Cata. Played every xpac since but I went super casual. I played Horde, but my old guild is pretty much all new people who have their clicks. Joined alliance to play with some friends who all left for other games. Been flying solo ever since doing world quests and trying to make some gold.

Due to my scheduling raiding is pretty much off the table so I'm looking for something with smaller groups. My best times are during the week before 3:30pm EST, though I can manage to find the odd opening between all my kid's sports in the evenings. My most geared toon is my alliance monk who has a pretty even spread for each spec. I'm also working on an alliance DK for tanking only. When it comes to Horde, I have a 110 druid, pally and priest though I would have to get them some gear (enter M+).

I'm pretty chill and don't mind wiping to hard content and I'm looking for team mates who don't mind either. I'm not looking to make it into the MDI but would like to push as high as we can with any affixes. My experience in M+ is limited but I learn fast. I've joined some guilds from all the spam you get when you aren't in one and most don't seem to care if you are there, so I'm not interested in joining just another guild. If you need a 5th for your group then maybe I'm your man.

Go ahead and add me Redcorpse#1446 if you have any questions.

Hello Yodish,

Do you want to raid at all? We regularly have mythic plus groups, but our main focus is our raid team on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays.

Here's our spam:

Casual Alliance raiding guild <Little Rascals> is looking for DPS, Healers, and a tank to continue farming Heroic and dabble in some mythic Tomb of Sargeras.
We run Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8:30PM-10:30PM EST. We have an alt normal farming run on Saturday nights starting between 8:30 and 9:00PM where we farm normal and perhaps dabble in some heroic with our alts.

We also want to add these people to supplement our ability to run 5 man mythic plus dungeons regularly. We strive very hard to get our entire raid team their max key run every week.

We have an application here:

If you have an issue filling that out, please feel free to contact me via battletag:



If you are interested at all, let me know.

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