Is venture co. dead

Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Co
came back to lvl my mage since its one of my 3 alliance toons. I have seen about 3 people while questing. If i decide to keep playing this toon do I need to move servers?
It's not dead, people are just on a different planet.
Not dead, still got a little fite in us. You should see a lot more people though, we're merged with 2 other servers and CRZ connects us to players from other larger servers.
Veco is the walking dead. It has been slowly declining since Wrath, and even more so since the mass exodus to ED. Gone are the days of EWRB, and OOTA (who remembers them? LOL!) This server is on life support that keeps coding. It is a miracle it hasn't been shutdown yet.
Gone are the days of EWRB...(who remembers them? LOL!)

Your name isn't Who.
It's practically a ghost town.
I was on Twisting Nether in Sgian Dubh. Found out the guild leaders had relocated to VeCo and formed Grunts so I rerolled. Great guild, terrible server. It needed to die a long time ago. Will enjoy a bit of schadenfreude if they ever take it down.
It's hard to say, all I see in world are people from Emerald Dream. It gives the impression that it isn't dead.
I have to say I see a lot more Maelstrom and Lightninghoof than VeCo. Wish they could just merge the names into Maelstrom - Maelstrom because it has seniority - so I didn't have to type hyphenated names for Lightninghoof folks.

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