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I recently joined WoW again because a good friend talked me into it. I'd play with her and her friends but she's from the UK and there's no way for me and her to actually play together without major problems. so I joined WoW to look for a decent guild with some good friends to add. but the problem I've had with guilds recently is I asked if anyone wanted to do anything together and I got "get to level 110 and we'll talk". I just want to join a guild that's basically a big family. little roleplaying, some dungeon runs, just meeting up and doing stuff. I'd like to make WoW a home for me to come to everyday without feeling "what's the point" if you have a guild that'd be perfect for me or just want to be friends just let me know or add me. I play on MoonGaurd so you know.
Not sure if your willing to transfer servers or not but here is our info;

We are recruiting all classes and levels for questing, dungeons, and raids in both Legion and Legacy zones. We utilize discord and are building up supplies in guild bank for food ,potions, patterns and enchants.

Most of us work and have Kidos so we are a casual laid back guild, but looking to build up ranks.

We are a Central Standard Time guild and are usually on from 5 PM - 2 AM. Open to Icecrown/malygos servers -Alliance.

We are friendly and mature (sort of).

If you are interested or want more information - please send us a message in game (Fleasworth ,Ahsila, kevvllar or jadlinn ), mail us in game, or reach out via this forum.

if your looking for a chill friendly environment to call home hit me up my btag is

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