[H} Tank or DPS LF weekday morning guild

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927 Tank or DPS DK looking for a guild with weekday morning or early afternoon raids. Due to work am unable to do anything on saturday or sunday.

Mature player, been playing since game came out and have exp raiding in all expansions.

have cleared 9/9 normal and 8/9 heroic ToS.

Willing to either tank or DPS depending on guild needs. Tank spec and both DPS specs fairly well off as far as artifact weapon leveling and gear.

Looking for laid back group, likes to have fun but still able to get through content at a fairly decent pace. Does not need to be a mythic centered guild, but if that is the goal, then i am good with that as well. Have not done any mythic raiding in this expansion as of yet. but have exp with past mythic raids.

Would like to find something with raid times starting in the area of 9-10am EST.

Please feel free to drop me a line at Elivo#1238

Currently on Malganis server but would be willing to transfer.
Still on the look out for a morning time frame guild!!

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