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Hi all!

I am new to World of Warcraft and I have been working on my Holy Paladin for a little bit this expansion. I am looking for an active guild with a Heroic raiding environment. Preferably a guild with weekend raiding hours, or at least hours that are not on Monday-Wednesday.
I have healed on a Mistweaver Monk and a Restoration Druid before so I have some healing experience, however I have not raided on this toon yet so I do not have any logs to share. If you really would like to see logs, I can share my logs from my Restoration Druid.

P.S. I would prefer that your guild is on the AlteracMountain/Warsong/Gorgonash/Balnazar server cluster.

I forgot to mention, add me on bnet Phenul#1989

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