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Hello everyone! For those unaware, Wyrmrest Accord has it's own unofficial official discord server! We just broke the 2000 members mark, and all are welcome, rpers and non-rpers alike!

For those don't know what discord might be, it is a lightweight, streamlined text/voip server. Imagine a skype that actually works, is fast and doesn't hog computer resources, at the same time it allows dozens of thousands of people to seamlessly talk to each other through either chat channels or voice channels, both which can be hand tailored to each individual server. You don't even need to download it, you can just use the web application, which works perfectly.

We have multiple channels in the server, including multiple "fandom" channels, where you can talk about many other non-warcraft related stuff, like other games, esports, wrestling, anime, tv and movies and more! We also have channels specifically made for guild and events promotions, where you can promote your guilds and your RP events.

The server has certain rules, and all users are expected to read AND follow them. We are a friendly, chill server and we'd like to keep it that way, so we harshly condemn any kind of harassment, malicious intent or drama, among other negative conducts. Just remember to be excellent to each other! (and party on dudes!)

Those who break the rules will be dealt with swiftly; we are not afraid to kick or even ban those who are make our server a worse place.

It's also important to point out there are some very small requirements to join the discord server:

1: You must add yourself to a rank to see the entire server.
2: You need to verify your e-mail address to speak.

If for some reason you can't verify, please contact a mod and we'll get in touch with you in game and verify who you are that way. We'll take actions against anyone who pretend to be another player, especially if the player is particularly well known.

We have an active mod team, and we are constantly working toward new features to improve our server and our users experience.

And finally, this is the permanent invite to the server:


We hope to see you in our servers! Have fun!
Just joined and added a rank, oh my gosh that's a lot of people now that bots and and mods aren't the only ones visible...
It's mostly an anti-spam measure, prevents spammers (and other nasties) from direct messaging members. The only ones spam bots can direct message are the ones who can drop the hammer on them.
I think it failed, you have some idiot spamming metzen emoji's in your discord server.
I tried to join and add a rank but it told me something about not the same server or something. So I ran away ):
Yay socializing! I just joined, think I did the rank thing right, thanks for this!
11/05/2017 11:20 PMPosted by Syntharia
I tried to join and add a rank but it told me something about not the same server or something. So I ran away ):

Could you contact one of the mods with exactly what your problem is, and maybe a picture too? We'd love to help.

Also, I wanted to remind that everyone is welcome! No matter if you are a party animal, a wallflower, social butterfly or a lurker. We also have a channel to post pets and animal pictures!
There is a 10 minute waiting time before you can type.

Is you're there for more than 10 minutes and it still doesn't let you, then you may need to verify your e-mail address with Discord (which you should do anyhow in case you forget your pw later).

If it's still not working, like send me your discord id via in game mail and I'll give you a rank manually. (Or you can send me a tell if my dumb self is online.)

Reminder that there are still a few hours to go for the gametime giveaway. All you have to do is join the server, get the rank set up and read and follow the giveaway rules in the #news channel, and you'll be competing for 1 of 3 free wow game time cards!

Congratulations to Alzadair, HerpsterKkat and Laggra for winning the gametime giveaway!

Stay tuned, we might have something planned for when we have 1k members in the server!
Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce we just reached a total of 1000 members on our discord server!

To commemorate, we'll be giving away a Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak, aka a transmog yak! Since the reins itself are BoP, we'll be giving the winner exactly 120k gold, which is the price of the yak. No reputation or quests are necessary, just 120k gold!

To those wondering what mount it is, it's this one: http://www.wowhead.com/item=84101/reins-of-the-grand-expedition-yak

Not only it's an mount, but it also has a transmogrifier nps and a vendor/repair npc, so you can transmogrify, sell and repair items anywhere mounting is possible. Also a great way to be popular in RP events!

Anyone who's in the server can enter, all they have is to follow the instructions to join and then see then follow the rules for the giveaway in the #news channel. All you have to do after that is press the little reaction button underneath the giveaway post.

The entire moderation team want to thank all of you for joining and making our dear server such an astounding success.
Grand Expedition Yak for a grand of members. I see what you did there.
Bump! The giveaway is still ongoing, and so far we only have 189 people who are participating!

So come join the server and join the giveaway for a unique chance at every roleplayer favorite mount!
Congratulations to Solleria for being the newest owner of a Grand Expedition Yak!

The mods are currently working to revamp the network section, so people can have a easier time finding guilds, events and roleplay!
We just added #Roleplay_Workshop , a channel to workshop your roleplay!

Perfect if you need some brainstorming to help create new characters, come up with character development or think of different character concepts!
We've revamped the networking/promotions category, and now advertising and searching for guilds, roleplay, tumblrs, youtube, commissions and others should be easier and more organized than ever!
11/05/2017 08:02 PMPosted by Banrok
I think it failed, you have some idiot spamming metzen emoji's in your discord server.

...I want Metzen emojis...
Everyone should join up! You can get pings about events starting soon, lots of lore advice and just general goodness.

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