[H] GMT +8 <Aussie Crew> seek healers & DPS

Muradin and Nordrassil
Aussie Crew is currently seeking to add a few more regular competent and mature raiders to our team to replace players we have lost due to retireing from the game.
To replenish our force not only for Antorus but to have it back up to stregnth come the next expac.

Idealy we have 2 healer slots open with paladin or priests prefered.
DPS are also welcome while we need only 4 we are happy to take on more.
All dps specs are open with the exception of Hunters and Mages
Applicants that are open to multi role to fill any holes that may crop up when life gets in the way will be smiled apon.
happy for crossrealm initial contact and trials

About Us
AC is a raiding guild, in the GMT 8+ timezone on the Muradin server.
raid days being mondays 7pm -10pm and Thursdays 8pm - 10pm West Aus time
While we aim to clear Heroic content we will go beyond it depending on the rate of our progress. We recognise that our members play wow to have fun with friends, but we do do expect raiders, at a minimum, to committ to twice a week raiding, to show up on time, with the appropriate pots/flasks/chants and to have an idea of the fights to minimise time-wasting. As long as you're willing to develop your individual and team skills as best you can, we're happy to have you raiding with us.
We do highly encourage doing content outside of raids - such as M+ etc to better yourself.

Please feel free to contact, reply/pm the poster, or
We still looking

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