Why top PvP Frost DK's go Shattering Strikes?

Death Knight
Was hoping someone here could help answer this question, after trying out Frost again in 7.3 I've noticed that a fair amount of the top-ranked Frost DK's on the Arena leaderboards take Shattering Strikes (other majority take Icy Talons, a few I've seen with Runic Attenuation).

I've played around with it a bit and while I do like the fact that I don't have to worry about my Icy Talons stacks falling off when I'm getting kited it still doesn't feel all that powerful.

Are the people on the leaderboards just messing around with it before logging off? Or is there a reason? I also looked on Icy Veins and it's apparently the worst level 56 talent there, so...yeah.
you can set up nasty burst if you're paying attention and playing around it
something like an 800k froststrike is nasty

without 7.0 chillstreak all you really bring is damage but atleast you can control when you want to do more vs less with shattering

not worth holding it long or anything or like you should think much about it
but it adds chunky hits to the high consistent damage
and you can set up nasty OUTTANOWHERE hits on rogues with no trinkets randomly
Like Dark said, that extra burst mixed in with the high sustained damage seems more useful. Would usually get a defensive out of the other team when you scare them with a big chunky hit.

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